Its renewal is back to …

After the last meetings that the FC Barcelona had maintained with the representatives of Ilaix Moriba, the club’s feelings regarding its renewal were very good. In fact, it was even considered that the midfielder would travel with the first team to Germany to play against Stuttgart this Saturday. In the end, the Hispano-Guinean did not make the list, but despite that the entity was very optimistic.

However, when everything seemed to be on track, the player’s agents have again blocked its expansion. According to the Catalan press this Thursday, Barça would have met again with the surroundings of Conakri and everything would have been complicated again. His representatives cooled everything down again and made it clear that the talks would continue throughout the next week.

In ‘Sport’ they go a step further and They assure that from the club they begin to be somewhat fed up with this situation. It seems that from within it is believed that the midfielder’s agents do not want to negotiate and that is why he considers taking some distance. The objective is for the other party to seek the deal, since from Barcelona it is considered that they cannot do more than what they are doing.

The Barcelona team cannot approach the economic demands of the medium, but is willing to give up in the years of the contract so that he can renegotiate his salary as soon as possible. In this way, the extension would be until 2025, something that would like in the soccer player’s environment. In this way, if Moriba surrenders, he will be able to negotiate an increase in 2023 or 2024, when Barça’s economic situation is better.

It should be remembered that Ilaix ends the contract in June 2022, so it is necessary to renew it this campaign so that it does not go free in a year. Precisely for this reason, Barcelona has been working on this expansion for a long time, although everything has been complicated due to the money that its representatives are asking for. News is expected next week, although there is no certainty due to the immobility of its agents.

Ilaix will continue without playing with Barça B

In addition, it must be said that the midfielder will continue without playing with Barça B, which this Thursday has its second friendly preseason. The decision of the entity is clear and will not be modified: renew or do not play. The first step of the Catalans was to leave him out of the call for the training of the first team, but they ‘launched’ further and did not allow him to participate in the first friendly match of the subsidiary in the preseason. Now, it will chain a new clash without minutes.

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