IU, red mitten-owned real estate → 229 billion won … 4th place for self-made stars (TMI News)

The singer IU owns about 22.9 billion won raised Property name over four self-made star.

Mnet’s ‘TMI News’ aired on the 21st was ‘Parents’ pride! Self-made stars BEST 7′, ‘Parents’ pride! They each grew up in different backgrounds with the theme of ‘The Golden Spoon Star BEST 7’, but they took the time to learn about celebrities who are currently in the top stars.

IU raised the name that is above 4. IU had no decent life to the elementary school was the mother gamyeo seojun relatives fled the house warranty were suddenly hard house red label attached to the family scattered IU has had a grandmother and sister dankanbang life. He had a hard life of having to go to school over a big hill because he didn’t have to pay for transportation, and the house was cold and cockroaches came out and he was taken care of at a relative’s house.

IU did not lose even danghamyeonseo to fraud is eliminated countless auditions eat your heart would buy a house, earn money quickly dressed the wounds of the heart receives abused bitter end of relatives Dream debuted cheonsinmango end.

The debut song did not get a good response, but ‘Good Day’ became a hit and became a star. It estimated 6 billion won only source revenues ‘good day’ and IU was crowned the top names in Korea solo singer.

IU has purchased a building material in Gwacheon 4.6 billion won in 2018.

The current market price is 69 billion won. The building is being provided free of charge as a work space for junior musicians. Also IU had bought land and power for the families of about 30 billion won in the same year Yangpyeong houses.

Another topic for IU collected into an apartment recently received pre-sale. The apartment located in Cheongdam-dong was designed by Spanish master Rafael Moneo and attracted attention with its outrageous price. Since it is an area where loans are not possible, the price of an apartment purchased entirely in cash is about 13 billion won. IU has combined the three are owned by a total of about 22.9 billion won.

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