“I’ve found the format that perfectly suits how I want my music to feel”

An immersive experience, in substance and form, is what the singer Nico Roig proposes in his new show. The musician, who performs at the Neu! de Girona, presents his latest work, Yo siempre sueño que sí, in a concert format with binaural sound, that is, with a three-dimensional sound that reaches the viewer through headphones and that “is designed because you end up entering the music ».

“I think I’ve found the format that perfectly suits how I want my music to feel,” says Roig, who will present an album in which he has made a personal journey of self-knowledge in two sessions at the Auditori de la Mercè, at 5 and 8.

“It’s a concert that sounds like a record, that feels like headphones, but at the same time you see how it’s being done. It’s very magical, and the music I think just accompanies it a lot. With heavy metal or music to dance to, I don’t think it would make any sense, but in my case, what I do is a lot of listening, the music and the format are very much linked “, he points out about the experience, which will allow the Girona public will experience the recital in 360 degrees.

To capture all the sound layers, musicians act around a head-shaped device that translates the depth of sound by mimicking the behavior of the human ear and how the brain processes music.

“The sound also comes from behind and from the sides, so you feel like you’re in the middle of the stage, it’s very special,” he continues. “When you live it you understand that it is part of the experience, that binaural sound is not a fairground attraction, and we are still doing residencies to work and get more juice out of the tool, because it is really a very immersive system,” he says. .

“We can do concerts anywhere, as long as there is electricity, both the zoo and the library. At the moment we are doing it in auditoriums, but I would love to take it to very strange and special places “, continues Nico Roig, who with this show has already performed at the Vic Live Music Market or the Barcelona Auditorium.

“The response has been amazing, people have come out crying and all. A cry not of sadness, but of when your heart is opened, of connecting with what you feel, ”he says.

And it is that both the format -thought by an audience of at most a hundred spectators per session- and the album are perfectly linked to the times. “It sounds like a lie, because anyone would say it’s done on purpose, but everything has gone like this!”, Jokes the musician about an album that came out in April, in full confinement.

Roig hadn’t released any new material in four years, but decided not to postpone the album’s release. “It’s an album designed to be listened to alone at home with headphones, and I think the pandemic has made it easier to listen to. During the confinement there has been a recollection and a lot of people have thought about a lot of who he is and where he is going and that goes a lot along the line of the record, ”he says of an album that, he says, has made him“ come out. of apathy ».

“Sometimes you get used to not being okay, and that’s not normal, it’s normal to be okay. I thought it was normal to be thinking “oysters, what a stick everything is,” and what the hell, it’s not, ”he points out, pointing out that the record is proof of the way out of this state of indifference; it’s part of the process and that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Now he presents it in this type of concert that, for now, has been able to do and reschedule to adapt to the restrictions of each moment. The problem, he explains, is that “there is no continuity that it would mean to have a concert every week, and this is very noticeable. It’s always like starting from scratch and it’s very hard to work like that.


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