Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence – selbstbewusster Rookie

London – The undulating, long blond year, blowing in the English wind of London, could not be overlooked. Dressed in the obligatory red jersey, Trevor Lawrence set off for the first and only training session of the Jacksonville Jaguars in London before the second game of the “NFL International Series” in the English capital of his Jaguars against the Miami Dolphins (Sunday from 2:55 pm live on ProSieben and in the free live stream on ran.de) in the middle of the playing field with light stretching and throwing exercises.

The top pick of this year’s draft is of course under special observation in London – this is not only shown by the many camera teams who only pointed their lenses at the 22-year-old during training. Everyone wants to know how the young Jaguar star behaves on English soil. No matter what he did, everything was followed at every turn. Apparently no problem for Lawrence himself. After the practice session, the Jaguars quarterback, grinning widely and in a good mood, stepped onto the small media platform that was set up especially for a press conference, looked around and then asked loudly and clearly: “What’s up? How are you guys all doing?”

Lawrence the man catcher

The 22-year-old is an absolute figure with his 1.98 meters and his long, blond mane. Added to this is his sympathetic, friendly manner. Lawrence presented himself in London in a positive sense as a real catcher of people. “It is only the second time in my life that I have been to a country other than the USA. A few years ago I was in Cabo, Mexico, which is not that far away from America either,” said the rookie and pushed: “Here are all so incredibly nice to us – is that always the case here in England and Europe? ” A question for which Lawrence earned a lot of laughter from the media representatives present. “Okay, so not …” said the signal caller, who couldn’t help but laugh.

From an early age, Lawrence knew how to deal with the press and, above all, the hype surrounding himself. The 22-year-old is the “Sunnyboy” in London and doesn’t take himself too seriously. On the contrary. He just seems to be enjoying his interest in himself and his new life in the NFL. The only thing he is really missing now is sporting success. But even there, the quarterback is anything but fear and anxiety.

“We are definitely on the right track,” said Lawrence. “It should not be forgotten that we are almost all new to our offense and that is why we never played together in this constellation before this season. But we are slowly coming together, our daily work is bearing fruit. When I look at our last two games, Despite the defeats, from my point of view we played the best games this season in offense. ”

Head coach Meyer is criticized after Jaguars false start and scandal

Nevertheless, Lawrence also knows that victories are expected from him and his team at some point – and at best very soon. “I’ll be playing for the Jaguars for a long time and that’s why I trust the process,” said the quarterback, not being upset by this pressure. From my point of view, it is only a matter of time before success will come. “It’s a big picture thing.” Do the Jaguars managers see it that way and have the necessary patience?

As for Lawrence’s athletic development, definitely. However, it is questionable whether Urban Meyer will still be able to accompany him on this journey. Because the head coach of the Jaguars is definitely up for discussion, not least after his scandal in Jacksonville. In addition, his relationship with Lawrence is not the best either. But the 22-year-old is – at least in public – forgiving. When asked about Meyer and his work on rebuilding in Jacksonville, the young Signal Caller said: “He’s done well so far. I see him as a hard worker who gives everything for this team. We all respect him.”

Lawrence: “We have a good plan”

Nevertheless, of course, Lawrence also knows that a victory in the London Game against the Dolphins would do the Jaguars good. “We have a good plan, we just have to finally get it onto the lawn for four quarters.” And about himself he said: “I know that I am able to make great plays – I just have to keep playing them in the future. And that’s exactly what I’m working on. I believe in myself and my abilities. Some people are just Winner and I think that’s just what I am. ” So the 22-year-old is not lacking in self-confidence. In the tough NFL everyday life, however, certainly not a bad quality.

Nevertheless, he should translate such statements into action on the field as soon as possible. A win against Miami would be a start.

Reports from London: Dominik Hechler


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