Jair Bolsonaro criticized the wave of protests against …

The president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro criticized the wave of protests that the country is experiencing to report racist violence. The president affirmed during his virtual speech at the G20 Leaders Summit that the “spirit” of Brazil is the result of a “diverse culture” among whites, blacks and Indians. However, he made no mention of the death occurred on Thursday in Porto Alegre (south) of a black man at the hands of security guards at a supermarket who beat him severely. The leader of the Brazilian right maintained that they are trying to divide the Brazilian people. “We are not perfect, we have our problems. A united people is a sovereign people, but divided it is vulnerable and a vulnerable people can be more easily controlled and subjugated, “Bolsonaro added.

The president maintained that he defended the national character in the face of an attempt to import tensions unrelated to the country’s history. “Brazil has a diverse culture, unique among nations. We are a mixed people: whites, blacks and Indians built the body and spirit of a rich and wonderful people“said the president.” In a single Brazilian family we can see a greater diversity than in entire countries and it was the essence of this people that won the sympathy of the world, “added Bolsonaro, who did not mention the death of Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas 40 years old, which occurred on the eve of Black Awareness Day, according to the president they are seeking to destroy the essence of the Brazilian people. “In their place they seek to place conflict, resentment, hatred and division between races, always masked as fighting for equality or social justice, but all in search of power“, indicated the president.

For the president, the freedom of Brazilians is non-negotiable. “As a man and president, I see everyone with the same colors: green and yellow (those of the flag). There is no better skin color than another. What exists are human beings: good and bad. It is our choices and values ​​that will determine which of the two groups we will include ourselves in, but those that instigate the people to discord, creating and promoting conflicts, threaten the nation and our own history, “he said in his speech.

In a video released before the first session of heads of state, Bolsonaro stated: “From the beginning we knew that it was necessary to take care of health and the economy simultaneously. Time has proven that we were right. “In turn, he maintained that his administration has a firm commitment to work for economic growth.”Cooperation in the field of the G20 is essential to overcome the covid-19 pandemic and return to the path of economic and social recovery“, said the retired Brazilian military.


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