Janet Jackson appears veiled on the front page of an American tabloid

American magazine National Enquirer posts a photo of sister Michael Jackson wearing a veil. Enough to relaunch the debate on his probable conversion to Islam.

“The secret Muslim life of Janet Jackson. ” This catchy phrase appears on the October 11 front page of the National Enquirer, next to a photo where we see the veiled singer. According to the American tabloid, Michael Jackson’s sister is in the process of converting to Islam, with the aim of marrying Wissam al Mana, her Qatari companion for two years.

As proof, the magazine unveils the testimony of a relative of the singer, according to which “the way of life she shares alongside Wissam is the opposite of what she has always known. Nothing to do with celebrity culture, which portrays Janet as a powerful and idealized woman ”.

The website of National Enquirer is inaccessible in France, and our attempts to contact the newspaper were unsuccessful. But several American blogs relayed the information. One of them, affiliated with New-York Times in Miami, takes up this photo, where the star wears a veil on her head. The photo in question was taken at Los Angeles Airport in December 2011, as can be seen on the website of This Day Live for example. At the time, the Nigerian daily interpreted this outfit as a desire to go “incognito”, more than as the manifestation of a possible conversion.

Did Janet Jackson convert to Islam privately?

20minutes.ch reports that each time Janet Jackson travels to Qatar with her in-laws, she dresses very soberly and does not wear any make-up or any beauty artifice: “Janet is so in love, that she would do almost anything to (his companion, editor’s note) make him happy. ” Would she be ready to go so far as to convert to Islam? Nothing is less sure. The outfit in which Janet Jackson appears in this photo appears to be more traditional than religious. Le Figaro also awaits confirmations on this point.

Already in 2010, the very controversial Turkish writer Adana Oktar, claimed that Michael Jackson and his sister Janet had converted to Islam. The singer, meanwhile, has not spoken in public since her altercation with her niece Paris, last July.

For the TV channel Emirates 24, Janet would have converted well, but would like to hide it from her American fans, still shocked by her show during the Superbowl in 2004, during which she had shown a breast in front of millions of viewers. Especially since the media based in Dubai confirms information from the National Enquirer, according to which the singer has planned a pharaonic wedding with Wissam al Mana. No specific date has yet been set, but the couple are said to have planned to spend no less than $ 20 million to celebrate their union.


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