Japanese multinational Sony closes factory in Brazil – Prensa Latina

The company, which settled in October 1972 in the South American giant, reported that it will stop sales of Sony Brazil consumer products, such as televisions, audio equipment and digital cameras, manufactured in the Amazon city.

Other group businesses will continue: games, professional solutions, music and photographic entertainment.

“We will maintain the high quality of post-sale and support for all the products of our commercial responsibility for the necessary time,” said the company.

He specified in the text that the game consoles that will be available in the South American country will be imported.

In September, he explained that he made such a determination “considering the recent market environment and the expected trend for business.”

He argued that, in this way, it will strengthen the structure and sustainability of the businesses, to respond to the rapid transformations in the foreign market.

According to the Metalworkers Union of Amazonas, the plant in Manaus has about 220 direct employees and more than 200 indirect ones.

The president of the association, Valdemir Santana, affirmed that the factory had 3,000 workers and that two years ago it dropped to 1,200.

He considered that some of the products discontinued by Sony Brazil were surpassed by advances in technology, such as audio equipment.

However, he explained, the lack of an industrialization policy and the opening of the Brazilian market are factors that favor the closure of the factory.

The company is more attracted to producing elsewhere than investing in Brazilian territory, Santana estimated.

‘It’s bad for everything. It will stop producing, but it will produce elsewhere, in Paraguay, wherever, and it will send it here. The Sony brand is not over… It is much easier to bring it from abroad, because it is cheaper than producing in Brazil, ‘he argued.



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