Japanese Prime Minister insists on not changing stance on Taiwan After calling it a country until China is boiling!

government spokespersonJapanese Mr. Katsunobu Kato announced on Friday (June 11) that Prime Minister of Japan Mr Yoshihide Suga reaffirmed his stance against Japan.Taiwanstill the same After saying that Taiwan is a country two days ago during a televised meeting of the House of Representatives

At the time, Suga said Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan were the three “countries” that have taken severe deprivation of rights amid the pandemic.covid-19, which Mr. Suga was expected to slip out of his mouth more than intended to say so.

Mr Kato stated that Japan will not change its fundamental stance that maintains informal, pragmatic relations with Taiwan, according to a 1972 Japan-China Joint Declaration that Japan only recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as China’s legitimate government.

Calling Taiwan a country often upsets the Chinese government. because Taiwan is seen as one of the provinces of China

After calling Taiwan a country on Wednesday (June 9), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. attacked that Suga’s words It didn’t just break Japan’s promise not to recognize Taiwan as a country. But it also signaled that it would destroy diplomatic relations between China and Japan.

The conflict also comes as many East Asian nations experience new tensions over territorial disputes. At the same time, the Chinese government signaled more aggressiveness towards Taiwan. It also increased its influence on the freedom of people in Hong Kong as well.


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