Jaromír Jágr is criticized for the relationship: “Páprda, he should rather play with children!”

Jaromír Jágr has been in love with Dominika Branišová for several months. However, due to the relationship with a model 22 years younger, the hockey player becomes the target of ridicule. Fans advise him to finally find a wife for life and stop dating girls who could be his daughters.

Jaromír Jágr has always had a weakness for beautiful and young women. This is also indicated by a look at his previous relationships. While Jaromír has been counting out the gray in the mirror for some time now, his girls often look as if they have just finished high school.

Jágr’s current girlfriend, Dominica Branišová, is 27 years old and the hockey player who celebrated his 49th birthday a few days ago is just blooming next to her.

However, the relationship of an age-inconsistent couple cannot sleep internet hats. There are more and more opinions in the discussions that Jágr should finally settle. Some even go to Branišová and did not leave the thread dry on Jáger’s former partner, Veronika Kopřivová.

The relationship between Jaromír Jágr and Dominika Branišová evokes mixed feelings in people

Although Jaromír Jágr will celebrate his 50th birthday in a year, he will still be able to enchant generations of younger models with his charm. Thanks to this, he becomes the target of bad languages ​​and his partners catch it.

“It seems like an old perversion to me,” Mrs. Andrea, for example, didn’t take napkins from discussions. Dozens of others joined her.

“The older he gets, the stupider he is. He should find a normal woman. He will always find a girl who could be his daughter. Or he is covering up homosexuality,” Tomáš writes.

“It’s a misfortune when young girls cling to a well-to-do, wealthy man and he thinks they love him. If he wasn’t famous, no one would notice him on the street, even if he’s a handsome man. If he went to the factory with his age “She wouldn’t lean on a shovel against him. It’s sad, but against taste, no disputation,” said Mrs. Iveta to Jágr.

Jagra’s people warn against gold diggers and ask the same question all around: Would young models really fly to him if he didn’t have millions in his account?

“She looks like his daughter,” people write about Branišová

“Another young girl who thinks she’s going to take him to the altar, but when she coughs on her, because unlike him, she wants a family, she’ll be Jagra once and for all, so the media will write about her every ear,” Mrs. Alena took her ex-girlfriend Jágra and was not the only one. “A stripper was missing at his party, Verča Kopřivová probably couldn’t do that,” added another young lady in the comments.

One of the heters even called Jaromír Jágr a fern. “First of all. It would be nicer to see photos of him posing or playing with his children, not always with a younger and younger girl. She won’t look good forever either.”

In a pile of negative news, however, there were a few individuals who defended Jagra. “He still looks good, he lives among young people, so he’ll never feel old. Even though he’s old, don’t judge it and wish it to him. It’s his business and your unnecessary worries, don’t you think? If they’re happy, why not, they have to know, not you. “

However, the seasoned hockey player is probably used to criticism, some time ago he underwent a similar slander for Veronica Kopřivová, on whom her work as a pole dancer was revealed. So maybe the fans and fans of Jágra will finally take his new partner at his mercy, and maybe the old bachelor will finally take a bath and close his mouth to all the mischievous people.


1 thought on “Jaromír Jágr is criticized for the relationship: “Páprda, he should rather play with children!””

  1. Man, Jagr has got it going on! Who wouldn’t want to date young beautiful women at his age? People are going to hate.

    It’s his life
    He looks great, she looks great. They look happy, what is the problem? I wish I can date a woman that beautiful when I am his age.

    Screw what people think.


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