JBL Tune True Wireless in-ear headphones are available at JBL.com

Get a pair of JBL Tune wireless earbuds for just $ 70. (Photo: JBL)

While Apple AirPods are one of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market, they’re not exactly cheap – some cost over $ 250 per pair. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives that offer comparable audio quality, battery life, and features, but at a fraction of the cost.

Enter the JBL Tune, a pair of premium noise-isolating in-ear earphones. And the best part is that they are retailed for just $ 70 or $ 30. That is 30 percent savings.

The earphones feature an elegant and stylish design and comfortable processing, as well as balanced tones and deep bass, so that you can really feel your favorite music and podcasts.

Another bonus? Although they’re not labeled as a pair of noise canceling earphones, several buyers pointed out that these can still exclude background and ambient noise.

“The JBL Tune 120TWS should have a decent bass. To get the best sound, you have to plug your ear canal with the earplugs, ”wrote a five-star reviewer. “When the tip is properly seated, the ambient noise should subside. And when you listen to music, you will notice more range, especially bass. “

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The JBL Tune are available at a price of 30 percent! (Photo: JBL)

A buyer also noted that he preferred these Apple Airpods because they “fit more securely so I don’t feel like I lose my head if I turn my head too quickly.” Other reviewers agreed – not only do they fit better, but according to several other buyers, they also have better bass and are considered a “perfect AirPods replacement”.

These JBL Tune earphones now also offer quick access to Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free navigation and voice search and are also compatible with Android smartphones and Apple iPhone models via Bluetooth.

They also offer a battery life of up to 16 hours of playback for the whole day. Not bad for only $ 70.

Buy it: JBL Tune 120TWS, $ 70 (was $ 100), jbl.com

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