Jean-Marc Nollet sends a message to the MR: “I am angry, this must not happen again”

Jean-Marc Nollet believes that discordant speeches among political decision-makers risk causing the population to lose support for the measures. With this release, he aims among other things at the words of the Reform Movement. Several members of the liberal party, David Clarinval, Georges-Louis Bouchez or Pierre-Yves Jeholet, argued, in fact, a few days ago for a reassessment of the measures on the occasion of the end of year celebrations.

“I put myself in the place of the citizen. What should he remember when he sees a party, which is nevertheless associated with the decisions, 48 ​​hours later, allow itself to question the decisions in which it took part. I am sorry, that cannot happen again. We must be united behind the decisions and behind the Prime Minister “, defends the Ecolo co-president on the RTBF set.

According to him, the government therefore actually has some responsibility for the lack of membership. “Of course, as long as the message of the decision makers is not coherent“, he explains,”We can obviously have thoughts on what to do (contact jobs, driving license …) but once the decision is made, we must align ourselves behind the position of the Prime Minister.

Towards stricter measures on December 18?

Asked about the direction envisaged by the Consultative Committee scheduled for December 18, Jean-Marc Nollet kicks in: “This is typically the kind of answer I shouldn’t be giving you. You have to wait for the figures and reports from the experts and then decide.

He also ensures that he is confident about the vaccination campaign: “I am optimistic when I see the way this new government is taking matters into its own hands. Everything is being put in place to carry out this campaign.

A modified kilometer tax?

According to President Ecolo, the kilometer tax is one of the solutions that will not only reduce traffic jams but also improve public health: “In 2020, we cannot accept that there are more than 9000 premature deaths because of air pollution, that there are 10% of Belgians who are asthma because of it and I cannot nor accept, during surveys carried out by Ecolo and Groen, a year ago, in 250 places in Brussels, that 90% of these places exceed WHO standards “, he argues on the RTBF set.

He adds that “Every euro invested in protecting the environmental health of citizens means five euros saved tomorrow in health care.”

Jean-Marc Nollet concludes this interview by affirming that the kilometer tax will not lead to a political crisis. According to him, this tax project is only in its concertation phase between the different regions and it will need to be adjusted.

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