Jean-Pascal Zadi: “Being French is not a color”

Engraving Omar Sy in the genealogy of a heroic French heritage, Lupin makes Assane Diop walk in the footsteps of Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène. It is thus part of a wave of renewal of the faces of popular fiction, like the number of agent 007 promised to the black actress Lashana Lynch in the next James Bond. Netflix Responds To Crisis Of Representational Stereotypes Brilliantly Led By Comedy Simply black – where Omar Sy was making an appearance. Asked by Libé on the fabulous fate of Lupin, the author of the film, Jean-Pascal Zadi, is delighted:

“I think it’s great to dust off this character in a modern style. I have the impression that without the contribution of Netflix and especially Omar, he is a hero who would have remained in the drawers. But in fact, it shouldn’t even be an event! I am one of those who find it normal. This is the evolution of France today, the natural meaning of things: there you have it, there is someone who takes up a historical figure of French culture, and he is black, but we do not care. He’s a Frenchman, so it’s his heritage too. Being French is not a color.

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Mostly, they wanted a star, and they took Omar Sy because he is exactly what he is – and a great actor, with a hell of a lot of sympathy. It must be said that it comes from Netflix, and I think that in the United States, despite all their psychological problems, not to say psychiatric, they are still quite ahead in terms of fiction and characters. Taking a black in the casting is not a subject, they take the best, which will bring them the most success. And it’s Omar! I did not understand the people who say that it is not done, that it is rubbish, they are beside their pumps. It’s like James Bond, it’s fiction and we do what we want with it. We put Bun Hay Mean [humoriste français derrière le personnage “Chinois Marrant”, ndlr] in Arsène Lupine if you will, so what? “

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