Jessica Thivenin: Her engagement with Julien Tanti, her relationship with Stéphanie Durant, her love story with Thibault Garcia … Replay of all her highlights

This time after le replay by Greg Yega, it’s Jessica Thivenin’s turn! Remember, the young woman became known in 2014 in The Marseillais in Rio. Very quickly, she knew how to make a place for herself in the famous family and this, in particular thanks to her strong character and her particular humor. Over the years and therefore shows, she has become one of the most famous reality TV contestants. Side heart, she has lived for more than four years a beautiful love story with Thibault Garcia, her husband and also the father of her two children: Maylone and Leewane. Come on, without further ado, the editorial of melty invites you to come back to all the highlights of Jessica Thivenin on TV !

The Marseillais in Rio: his engagement with Julien Tanti

The engagement of Julien Tanti and Jessica Thivenin – Credit (s): W9

You might have forgotten it (like us) but when Jessica Thivenin made her reality TV debut, she was in a relationship with Julien Tanti. What if in The Marseillais in Rio, the latter was wrong, he was able to quickly make up for it since he asked for the young woman in engagement!

The Marseillais and the Ch’tis vs the Rest of the World: the start of their romance with Nikola Lozina

The beginning of Nikola Lozina and Jessica Thivenin’s love story – Credit (s): W9

After Julien Tanti, the candidate of Marseillais had a romance with Nikola Lozina! If at first they were dog and cat, eventually they ended up falling madly in love with each other as the video above proves. Unfortunately, after an infidelity of Belgian, their relationship ended definitively over a year of love.

Marseille vs the rest of the world 2: his reunion with Thibault Garcia

In 2017, Jessica Thivenin falls under the spell of Thibault Garcia! Very quickly, they begin a love story and out of love for the young woman, the reality TV candidate makes his comeback in Marseille vs the rest of the world 2. A moment full of emotions!

The Marseillais: His friendship with Stéphanie Durant

The friendship of Stéphanie Durant and Jessica Thivenin – Credit (s): W9

Despite ups and downs, it’s a friendship that lasts! Thanks to the adventures of Marseillais, Jessica Thivenin met Stéphanie Durant. Over time, they became the best friends in the world and if they were cold for a while, today they are reconciled and are closer than ever.

The Marseillais in Dubai: his renewal of marriage vows with Thibault Garcia

Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin renew their wedding vows – Credit (s): W9

It’s now more than four years that Jess spins the perfect love with Thibault Garcia! Moreover, in The Marseillais in Dubai, the two candidates renewed their marriage vows in order to conceal their history and in the editorial staff, we had tears in our eyes during this episode.

While waiting for the replay of the next week, discover that of Milla Jasmine, we came back to her huge clash with Nadège Lacroix, her romance with Julien Bert, her story with Mujdat and many other things.

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