Joe Biden asks Senate not to vote on Supreme Court before presidential election

Donald Trump has had a list of potential candidates since August.

LDemocratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday asked the Senate not to vote on the vacant US Supreme Court post before the ballot, in a strong appeal to moderate Republican elected officials.

The desire of President Donald Trump to replace Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday before the November 3 elections is “a brutal exercise of political power,” he said during an intervention in Philadelphia. “It’s a matter of power. Purely and simply, ”he said again.

“If President Trump persists in giving a name, the Senate must not act before the Americans have been able to choose their next president and their next Congress”, continued the former vice president of Barack Obama who is leading the race. in national polls.

In a harsh tone, Joe Biden also criticized Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for announcing “within an hour of the announcement of the death” of “RBG” that he would organize a vote for the replace and firmly anchor the Supreme Court in conservatism.

The Republican leader had refused to hear a judge appointed to the Supreme Court by Democratic President Barack Obama in 2016 on the grounds that it was an election year “and many Republican senators agreed”, a he recalled. “They can’t change their minds four years later just because it serves their interests,” he said.

“I am not naive, I am not speaking to President Trump” nor to Mitch McConnell but “to the handful of Republican senators”, who “know deep down what is good for their country”, he said again. “Respect your constitutional obligations, follow your conscience,” Joe Biden told them.


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