“Joe Biden relies on schedules and files, to” lower the temperature “in the United States”

President Biden signs climate change decrees in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Jan.27.

Joe Biden left the Oval Office on time for his first visit as President, Friday, January 29. He was accompanied by his wife, Jill. Arrived at the south lawn of the White House, the couple separated after a kiss exchanged right in the axis of the telephoto lenses, which waited a little further.

Then he came to tell reporters in seventy seconds that he was going to greet soldiers being treated at Walter-Reed Military Hospital and that the country urgently needed the $ 1.9 trillion in aid. billion euros) that it is requesting from Congress.

He climbed alone aboard the Marine One helicopter, which sped north with his escort. The return time was respected. Saturday afternoon, the president was once again punctual for mass, in Washington that his predecessor avoided for four years.

Hours rule the White House, as does a form of presidential Taylorism. Joe Biden speaks little, since his spokesperson Jen Spaki takes care of it every day. When her Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, talks about the state of the American economy, she is not required – as was the rule under the previous presidency – to begin her remarks in front of the press by praising visionary leadership. of the tenant of the premises. We gain in speed.

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This Taylorism is a steamroller. Part of Donald Trump’s most symbolic and loudest legacy has been washed away by a flood of presidential decrees, to the point that the New York Times was moved in an editorial.

The blast has cleared the ground for negotiations in Congress on these famous billions of public money which are wringing the hands of Republicans who have become concerned about the federal deficit again since they lost power. The time has come for round tables and talks. On examination and costing. To the policy which does not consider it necessary to inform Twitter.

Give in on the amount or forcefully pass

The Democratic strategists are gathered evening and morning in a smoky card room, leaning over that of the Senate. Aide-de-camp pushes figures using long sticks, following the instructions given by the most experienced. Plans are being built. Give in on the amount to gain Republican support. Pass in force by resorting to a procedure which would make it possible to be satisfied with the democratic voices. We seriously measure the optics and the result. For now, we are still weighing, but arbitration should not wait until March.

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