Joe Biden talks about the big problem that Donald Trump left him, it turns out

US President-Elect Joe Biden. Photo: REUTERS, JAKARTA – US President Joe Biden has spoken openly about the performance of his predecessor, Donald Trump. He said the vaccination program inherited from the 45th president of the United States was very messy and needed time to resolve.

“We are not going to settle everything for a while, but we will fix it,” said Biden in remarks at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Thursday (11/2) local time.

Far-below-needed vaccine supplies are an acute problem that Biden must face less than a month after taking power from Trump.

Apart from ordering too few vaccines, continued Biden, his predecessor also seemed reluctant to invite residents to queue to get vaccinated.

“While scientists are doing their job in finding a vaccine in such a short time, my predecessors, and I will be very outspoken about this, have not done their part in preparing for the huge challenge of vaccinating hundreds of millions,” said Biden.

He said the inherited vaccine program was in a much worse condition than he had expected.

Therefore, Biden apologizes to the people if the vaccination program runs slowly.

“It takes time to clean it up,” he said.


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