Joe Biden will he rot Boris Johnson’s life?

Unlike Donald Trump, the new American president has always viewed the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union as a mistake. Signing a post-Brexit trade agreement with London will therefore not be his priority, analyzes the press. But on other topics, like the climate, Biden and Johnson may well find common ground.

Which leader will Joe Biden make his first phone call to Europe for? The answer will certainly give an indication of the content of future relations between Washington and London, believes The Times. And, according to the Conservative newspaper, the reality is likely to displease Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“From Merkel to Macron, thehe new US presidency has more natural partners among other heads of state. ” In other words, the desire to repair ties with the European Union (EU) damaged by Donald Trump would take precedence, in the mind of the Democrat, over the “privileged relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom.

The “British Trump” against Joe the Irishman

And that’s pretty logical, thinks The Economist. The new president’s team sees Boris Johnson through his relationship with Donald Trump. “The two were very close, to the point that the 45th President of the United States had dubbed the Prime Minister the ‘British Trump’ [quoique par une formule grammaticalement incorrecte en anglais, ‘Britain Trump’ au lieu de ‘Britain’s Trump’], recalls the economic magazine. And Boris Johnson largely failed the Black Lives Matter test, which has become an untouchable totem pole for the left of the Democratic Party. ”

More importantly, the new White House tenant has always viewed the country’s exit from the EU as a historic mistake. Trump has


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