Joel Embiid’s totally WTF departure for the bubble buzzes

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With coronavirus security, some players are not kidding. The proof with Joel Embiid, who arrived in a funny outfit before flying to Orlando.

It’s the big day for the Sixers! Brett Brown’s men are leaving for Orlando this Thursday, and they will arrive in a few hours to settle in the health bubble. The players are ready, they who want to catch up after a first part of the season to say the least complicated.

Joel Embiid has just passed a recent pressure on this. No way for the pivot to miss that, so he decided to make the necessary arrangements.

Arriving at the airport to reach Orlando, Embiid was… protected, that’s the case. Mask, gloves and jumpsuit: the Cameroonian had everything planned.

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We can say that Embiid does not skimp on resources. The pivot undoubtedly did it to protect itself, but especially to amuse the gallery. His teammate Kyle O’Quinn, seen at the very end of the video, seems to have loved the idea.

However, this is not the case with Kendrick Perkins who once again attacked the pivot. Except that he quickly deleted his tweet in question …

Seriously, if he feels like that at the thought of joining the bubble … he should have refused to go! No one would have judged it differently.

Perkins has apparently lost his sense of humor. We, in any case, love the imagination of Joel Embiid.


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