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By: Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle

It is shocking to hear statesmen speak like capos. Its defenders assure that the current government has fought drug trafficking, and gives the impression that, in effect, it surrounded, isolated and handed over all the other cartels, the Valle, the Cachiros and the Atlantic cartels; as well as the individual operations of Black Wolf, Don H., some prosperous laundry and several others betrayed. The easy defense of the president ensures that in the US there are no accusations against Juan Orlando Hernández. Their escorts repeat it as a slogan here and they are right. There is no public process there, which will not begin until a judge opens the sealed envelope of the prosecutor, and that name is not used in court documents. The multiple accusations, repeated in the New York courts, are against CC4, Who is identified as the brother of Tony Hernández, former president of the National Congress and current president of Honduras. Although only one person meets more than one of these conditions. It is not more of the same.

In Honduras, we get information through the networks, which many are fed up with and confused but have ended up being the only option. When the information simply does not appear in the mass media. (Or it appears only briefly and fleetingly, reduced to its minimum expression, to vanish like a rare a priori defense, in the complicit organs, whose owners, like a guard of honor in the last battle, perhaps because they have nowhere to go back anyway, have decided to be faithful to the end. And without a doubt, they plan to go with him to the wall). So you have to align them, and summarize the essential data.

Outside of Honduras, the news of the last two days appears – reworked – in many dozens of press releases, in different languages ​​and media, each of which, in order to be original, gives it its own bias. It appears in The Guardian of London, on Univision, CNN in Spanish and English, Asociated Press News, Investigative Reporters, Deutsche Welle, on Twitter and on Facebook, Prohonduras Network. And among others, the highly respected newspapers Los Angeles Times, New York Times, New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. The notes originate from the publication of the indictment before the court of the 8th District of New York for the imminent trial against Geovany Fuentes, arrested in Miami last March!

In those accusations made to G. Fuentes, of working with other violent drug cartels to import thousands of kilos of drugs into the United States, New York prosecutors include JOH. Who, they claim, declared, in front of witnesses, that I was going to put drugs into the gringos, even up their noses?

According to prosecutors, when campaigning for his first presidential election in 2013, JOH met with G. Fuentes on at least two occasions, in the opulent offices of which he was a regular, an industrialist and a strong contributor to his campaign, Fuad. Jarufe.[1] On one such occasion, JOH is alleged to have bragged about his robberies and his diversion of IHSS funds, and global cooperation, through non-governmental organizations. JOH expressed to G Fuentes his interest in the laboratory that Fuentes operated with Melvin Sanders in Choloma, since mid-2010, a facility that already produced 200 to 300 kilos of refined coca per month. The indictment alleges that, in exchange for $ 25,000 and access to that laboratory, JOH offered protection from the military and the police, instructing him to report to Tony for that purpose. Because, in addition, and if not, what?

Likewise, it is assured in said statement of accusations that, from that arrangement, Fuentes began to receive protection and gifts: weapons, uniforms, vests, insignia of high-ranking police officers such as Leonel Sauceda,[2] and military, among others, co-conspirator 13, at the time Head of the 105th Brigade (Cl. René Orlando Ponce Fonseca, fellow JOH, a veteran soldier, as a paratrooper and expert in demining and counter terrorism) who – on December 1, 2017 – in the middle of the greatest political crisis in the country, he would be appointed Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and would lead the bloody repression.

Upon being arrested in Miami, Fuentes confessed to being the owner of the property where the laboratory was found, as well as his relationship with the intermediary F. Jarufe, and with other capos, including the Cachiros. And it is alleged that, while in prison, Fuentes confessed to his friend Devis Maradiaga that JOH had sent other officers to launder millions of dirty dollars for them. It also transpires, in the new accusation, that the Attorney General, Oscar Chinchilla, would be committed to the official protection of drug traffickers and their accomplices. And it is necessary to remember that there were no pending trials against them when they were extradited. The notes recall that Tony will be sentenced at the end of this month, and the trial against G. Fuentes begins on March 8. Everything is almost ready.

Although all of that has been widely circulated, of course, that the allegations in the document no they are proof in themselves. Are “spoken ”of a criminal or several. And they could be, as they say from Government House and JOH himself, attempts by caught criminals to ingratiate themselves with prosecutors and thereby negotiate more favorable terms for their sentences. After all, some imputed assertions seem implausible, unless JOH had been high when he made them. But, and it is a big but, the Eighth District Prosecutor Berman, who is already an expert on the subject of drug trafficking in Honduras, has proven to be a very serious and complete professional. And although, by strategy, his accusations are always narrative, in each one of the trials he has obtained convictions, because he has provided conclusive complementary evidence for his charges, which always surprised the defenders rendered.

So, since when direct and specific accusations against the president now transcend, they cannot be answered with a mere denial, with a tweet and a newspaper box. The case requires an investigation by an independent prosecutor’s office. The accused ruler cannot continue to command, while it is investigated together with the attorney general and related authorities. Because then the accused would be the superiors of those who investigate them. Although guilt will still have to be proven, from March 8, the authority of the president to administer, execute, or govern in any way will be in doubt. And it will be very difficult for the institutional transition procedure to be followed, so that the formation of a Civic Emergency Board, formed by representative organizations of society and healthy living forces, a Board of Notables that leads the nation through the storm of an unprecedented transition.

El Carmen, San Pedro Sula, January 11, 2021

[1] Jarufe is a rice farmer, who has made a great fortune with the importation and processing of rice, brands like the one that most of the countrymen know as rich uncle. It depends like many of its congeners, on exemptions, import permits, special protection, etc.

[2] Whom the scrubbers later allegedly found many millions of inexplicable heritage more than with illicit enrichment.

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