Joint Director, Department of Animal Welfare, Dr. Shiva Naik will retire today: Nattu Visesham

Joint Director, Department of Animal Welfare, Dr. Shivanaik will retire today

Monday, May 31, 2021 12:48 AM IST

Kasargod: Animal Husbandry Department in the district for three decades. The service rendered by Dr. Shivanaik is retiring from service today. The Joint Director in charge of check posts in the state at present Works by Rai Palakat. Entered the service in 1990 as a veterinarian in Cheyenne. In 2003, the ACDP in charge of ICDP sub-centers in the district. Project Officer. Then the District Co-ordinator of the Animal Disease Control Scheme and the District Mr. The Chief Veterinary Officer of the Gas Hospital has also served.
District Animal Hospital due to lack of funds and space in the budget When he was unable to build a new building, Kasargod Municipal Council A new location related to Yu has been made available by Dr. It was the result of the efforts of Shiva Naik. Don’t go for less that your full potential. The lender played a role. When there was a bird threat in Karnataka, it was not in Kasargod. The work under his leadership was stopped by the police. We were. Significant progress in the pool disease control program at the state level. Tom performed. Additional funding for the ABC scheme for controlling stray dogs He was frightened and reprimanded. Recipient of the District Level Award for Best Veterinary Doctor in 2010 . Sheni is a native of Perla near NKJ Panchayat. His wife is a postal clerk in Mangalore. Royal Engineering, Kottayam Medical College, Mechanical Engineering Thi Shir Shir are the children. In that health department, Dr. Narayana Naik is a brother.


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