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By Robiel Vega

In very few opportunities do you see José Dariel Abreu lose your composure like that. He has always been known for being a respectful and serene player on the pitch, but this does not mean that he lacks blood in his veins.

In the ninth inning of today’s game Monday, September 27, 2021, between the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers, Pito received his 21st pitch of the season, with which he ranks third in the American League and is also the third player in the history of his franchise to receive 20 or more balls and connect 20 or more home runs in the same campaign; previously, Carlos Quintin, on 3 occasions and Minnie Miñoso.

In addition, the Cienfuegos player was 2 short of equaling the record for balls, both for his team and for any Cuban player. In both cases, Minnie Miñoso is present, with the 23 suffered in the 1956 season, although in the case of the franchise, the record is shared with Carlos Quintin in 2011.

After the ball, which was also in the upper part of the elbow, a very painful region, it was Yasmani Grandal’s turn, but reliever Alex Lange’s first pitch was buried and the receiver escaped to the side, although not too far.

Abreu, knowing that his team needed one more race since the advantage was a minimum of 8 × 7, went in search of the intermediate, but the shot of the masked Eric Haase arrived with time and Pito, evidently annoyed by the blow received, slipped hard on base, something that did not make shortstop Niko Goodrum very happy, who finally completed the play.

Goodrum and Pito exchanged words and the Cuban slugger completely lost his patience, causing a chain reaction that caused both benches, including the bullpens, to crowd in the center of the field while they had to take the Creole first baseman for the dogout completely out. of itself.

The altercation ended without being sent off, and the game ended with the same score, 8 × 7, in favor of the White Sox.

Without further ado we leave you with the play and remember that you can see all the videos of the Cuban players by following this link.

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