José Miguel Viñuela announces his departure from Mega: “I’m leaving with pain”

The entertainer Jose Miguel Viñuela announced his departure from Mega with a heartfelt message on his social networks in which he assured that “I’m leaving with pain”.

“In total 19 years of my life. How can I summarize everything I have lived in Mega?” Viñuela began by saying, together with a recount of the moments he lived on the channel between 1997 and 2012 and 2017 and 2021, his two periods on Vicuña Street Mackenna.

Viñuela also did not hide the episode of the haircut and assured that “in Mega I had many successes but also a big mistake that I regretted, I confronted and apologized. But most importantly: I learned. “

“Sometimes we have to fall to learn, make mistakes to grow and that has been my process this last year,” he said.

José Miguel Viñuela maintained that “I’m leaving with pain, very sad” and that leaving the channel “is like ending a very deep relationship, of many years. But at the same time, infinitely grateful to everyone.”

The most expensive “joke”

Although the driver did not specify the reasons for his departure, the “joke” that he made to the cameraman José Miranda when he cut his hair -live and against his will- ended up sealing his farewell.

This due to disagreements between Viñuela and Grupo Bethia, the economic conglomerate in charge of managing the signal that He ended up attributing all the responsibility to the animator, after the National Television Council imposed a fine of more than $ 20 million.

In recent months, José Miguel Viñuela has moved in different spaces within Mega, including a new and fleeting passage through the morning “Mucho Gusto” which concluded by not “fitting into the journalistic tone”.


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