Technology Journey to the lighthouse of the end of the...

Journey to the lighthouse of the end of the world aboard the Nissan Juke


Distill personality both for his athletic and daring appearance as for his behavior on the asphalt. The new generation of Nissan Juke combines innovation, performance and technology. And with it we enter a magical place touched by Dalí’s surrealistic stroke and the Tramontana’s spell. We travel to the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, crossing narrow roads that wind through the landscape until it ends at the end of Creus, scene of the film «The light of the end of the world», based on the novel by Julio Verne.

Agile performance is seen on the road in part due to the excellent chassis adjustment. The new Japanese SUV has a more rigid platform that offers greater stability, performance and cornering skills, as well as new levels of trust and control.

We start from the ancient village of Peralada, where its castle stands out with two towers and a remarkable battlement with centuries-old tree gardens. In the first section of the route, Propilot technology offers us electronically assisted acceleration, speed and braking. Accelerate and decelerate the vehicle to maintain adequate distance and speed, in addition to keeping the car centered on its lane. It also includes elements such as the intelligent frontal anti-collision system with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, traffic signal recognition, rear traffic alert and dead angle control.

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At the stop for coffee and bread with tomato we test its more technological facet. A simple look at the mobile screen allows us to check if the car doors are closed or we can lock it. You can also control the tire pressure and oil level. The vehicle incorporates an automatic emergency call key in case of an accident.

We pass by Rosas, dotted with beautiful and intimate coves, which take the crowd away because of its difficult access. We continue to Cadaqués, zigzagging kilometers, with curves to the right and left where the car shows a magnificent grip, in addition to a r
Exit response in the first level curves for driving enthusiasts. In Portlligat we make a stop at the house of Salvador Dalí, where he lived and worked until the death of his wife Gala in 1982

Upon entering the natural park of Cabo de Creus, its wild and rugged coastline and its unique geological configuration, sculpted by the tramontana, are striking. On the cliff top of the Schena stands the 11-meter lighthouse that currently functions as an information office. It should be noted that for the film another tower was built, which was demolished a few years ago to restore its original appearance to the landscape. .


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