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After returning to victory after several months, Juan Carlos Osorio was pleased with Atlético Nacional’s performance, recognizing the group and highlighting Baldomero Perlaza, but warned that they must continue to improve to achieve the idea of ​​the game he wants.

“From the aspect of the game, I think that we improved significantly, specifically through mutual help. In my opinion, Baldomero (Perlaza) is the best arriving midfielder in Colombian football. At times we place him as second ‘9’ helping Jefferson (Duque). In the first half he had one and in the second half he showed how last year, in the game against Cúcuta, he has that condition of holding the ball and reaching a goal, “said Osorio.

Regarding what he was looking for for this match against the orange team, Juan Carlos specified that “we were more effective in previous games, we placed one of the midfielders as a second striker and we controlled the game more from our possession. We need to improve a lot, because for our idea of ​​the game, we need to be more efficient, with more long passing sequences in the middle third, with fewer possibilities for the opponent in transitions from defense to attack. We will continue to improve, trying to give our idea more fluidity, especially in the last third and take advantage of at least half of the chances that we generate for each game ”.

Furthermore, “in previous games, we have been looking for a newcomer like Daniel (Muñoz), he is no longer there and the task is to replace him. I think Helibelton (Palacios) in the positional game has done very well, the position is made by the player and in a certain way we replaced Daniel’s position, but not the goal we achieved with Baldomero and I’m very happy for the team ” .

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Osorio commented that from another League they wanted to take Baldomero Perlaza, but the coach did not approve his departure. “It is worth mentioning, that recently they contacted me about the possible arrival of Baldomero to another league, I refused because we cannot lose more players. We talk a lot about athletic football in other leagues and specifically about the German League, when I make a comparison it is in real and sustainable statistics in speed movements between 20 and 25 kilometers per hour and actions between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour, that is translated is 9 meters per second. Baldomero runs the game many times and is capable of achieving those speeds. What happens is that we do not believe it, the idea is that it can locate it well. In this game he was at his best. For the previous game, his wife gave birth and that leads to several late nights, so she did not look good ”.

The coach clarified that each game is different and that, for this commitment, he made better decisions from the formation of the group to the system he used. “It seems to me that if we are going to comment on the game, everyone will have their own story. If we are going to analyze the game, we must assume that each rival is different. In Colombia, many play 4-2-3-1. But structurally it is an unofficial analysis, but if we understand that the position is made a reality by the conditions of each player, each team is different. In the previous two games, in the middle third, the first opponent we faced had three midfielders recovering the ball and in the second opponent, there were two players who did not pass the middle of the court. That is respected, I am not here to question anyone, but to recognize that each game is different. Envigado was a brave rival, who came out to propose, the others give the famous ‘balance’ with more defensive players. I don’t detract from anyone ”.

“Any team that plays with three central defenders and without lateral midfielders is exposed. That is not from Nacional, the space is left by the bands and we change to have more security and defend like the vast majority of the teams in Colombia. We have the right to protect ourselves, we alternate the exit of the wings, we do not internalize, we risk less in attack to consolidate ourselves in defense. Many goals came from the throw-in and it is something that we have to correct. The changes are more than remarkable, against Tolima we played with three in the background and with four inside. Against Envigado we play with a par of four defense and with three flyers, that aspect is evident. Like any team, we have the option to alternate according to the rival we face ”, he added.

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The strategist appreciated the team’s work and is confident that in the next matches they will continue to show a better game. “I thank the group, we have very talented players. We had not been able to achieve a good result, we hope to regain that confidence and that we can choose the players in the best way in a league so complicated that they play in a different way than ours. It is a matter of each one to identify or not with a particular idea of ​​the game. We appreciate all of them, but we believe in ours. We are going to try to improve and modify it to better compete with the teams in Colombia ”.

Finally, he highlighted the level of the players, but to get to what he wants with Nacional, more work is still needed. “In the micro aspect, the players were at a better level, in the macro aspect we lack a lot. in a League where there is a marked tendency to play in one way, we risk too much, I must question myself and seek balance, controlling the rivals and keeping zero in the goal ”.

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