Juana Repetto’s anger after criticism for telling how her birth was respected: “At no time do I speak that one birth is better than another”

In order to raise awareness about the importance of pregnant people enjoying a respected delivery, Juana Repetto He told how hers was. The actress, who was already the mother of Toribio, recounted what it was like to give birth to Belisarius with the least amount of interventions possible.

After having recounted his experience in detail, he began to read the comments that many of his followers made in the post. Realizing that some accused her of comparing the delivery of Toro with that of her baby newborn, made a strong release through his stories of Instagram.

“People commenting on the post dry it to me roughly. Let it be clear (in case they cannot read) that at no time do I speak of being better or worse, that one birth is better or another, nor do I judge (I do not even think) of the decisions of each woman. I only count my choices and my experience, “she said, fed up with the criticism.

He put the points!


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