Judge explains to girl with cancer that she won protection to get medicine

A judge from Aguascalientes explained to a 7-year-old girl how she granted an amparo so that the hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to which she goes get your cancer medicine delivered to you on time.

Sonia Hernández Orozco, a district judge in the state, ordered the preparation of a easy-to-read document on the sentence arguing that the amparo and protection was granted in favor of the girl, in order to guarantee her right of access to health.

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Hello little one, the judge who knows the problem writes you that has existed so that the hospital you go to give you the medicines you need for your treatment ”, says the beginning of the text.

Then point out the following:

Your dad brought me a letter where he explained to me that since May they began to have problems getting your medicines delivered to you and that is why they have sometimes had to buy them so that you can take them on time.

Also, they told me that you had to interrupt your treatment, because when you take a test, the doctors said you got coronavirus.

Later I learned, that fortunately you were already better and that you were going to continue taking the medicines that the Doctor pointed out to you.

However, I have realized that in the hospital you go to, They have continued without giving you the medicine you need in time.

The judge explained to the girl that “one of the many rights you have is to receive the medicines and medical attention you need” and that “as a little girl, the authorities have to respect your rights.”

“When I realized that your father is right to say that the authorities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security have put your health at risk, I issued a sentence in which they are ordered toMake sure that the pharmacy of the hospital you go to has the medicines you need and that they give you all the facilities so that you can continue with your treatment ”, he commented.

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The lawsuit was filed by the father on behalf of the girl, according to the document hosted on the portal of the Federal Judicial Council.

According to the text, the authorities repeatedly violated the girl’s right of access to health by failing to guarantee a full and timely supply of medications, specifically mercaptopurine 50 mg tablets, used against cancer.

The judge reported that the omissions have lasted as of the date this judgment is issued, “transgressing the right of access to health enshrined in Article 4 of the Constitution, since the state of health of the minor with a reserved identity has been put at serious risk ”.

“What is appropriate to grant constitutional protection for the purpose that the responsible authorities carry out the necessary actions so that the minor complainant, be guaranteed that the treatment you require to face his suffering, it is provided to him in a complete and timely manner, ”he said.

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In this sense, he said that given the shortage of the drug it was necessary to link compliance with this sentence to the Ministry of Health.

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