Julien Tanti (LMvsMonde5) dad, he shares an unpublished photo of Angelina and makes a hilarious statement to Manon Marsault

Quickly discover the unpublished photo of Angelina and the hilarious declaration of Julien Tanti to Manon Marsault.

While we now know if Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti are in the cold with Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia because of Nabilla, Tiago’s dad has just unveiled a new photo of his daughter, Angelina. As a reminder, the latter was born on September 02, 2020, in Dubai. For the occasion, the king of problems in The people of Marseilles wrote the following message on Instagram: “I am happy the Frates to announce the birth of our little girl Angelina, we are finally four. I am proud of my family and proud of my wife who gave birth today to a marvel. Angelina is fine, Manon is fine. well, everyone is fine. We kiss you. The Tanti family “. Since this birth, Julien Tanti has been the happiest father in the world.

Besides, as you can see from the above post, the candidate of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5 shared an unseen photo of Angelina. In legend, the young dad took the opportunity to make a hilarious statement to Manon Marsault. We can read : “My little love cat. She looks the same as me when I was her age. Thank you, Manon, for giving me two children who look like me”. So here are words that prove that the Marseillais is very amused by the fact that Tiago and Angelina take more from him than from his wife. According to you the meltynauts, the youngest of the Tanti family looks more like which of her parents? Also, know that the filming of the Marseillais will not finally take place in Morocco, the destination, the date and the cast have been revealed.

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