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He coronavirus (COVID-19) It arrived in March 2020 to thwart all of this year’s plans. Without a doubt, everyone has been affected in some way by this pandemic, whether in the economic sphere, in health, in terms of personal relationships or in whatever plan they had proposed to complete this year.

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For Julio César Preciado Quevedo, this pandemic it has been like a death sentence. The remembered singer of the Banda Sinaloense El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga had a successful career in music releasing his latest solo single on the 2015, “More original than ever”From the hand of The Original Banda El Limón.

Unfortunately, over the years not only his fame and success began to deteriorate, but also his health until he reached a critical point in this 2020. Preciado has had some terrible illnesses that he has decided to hide from the public eye, but in a recent interview for “First hand”He decided to open up and tell his complicated situation.

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Only the people closest to him have known that he has been admitted to the hospital several times during the last months of the 2020, making numerous expenses that have led him to the point of having to sell his house in order to fully recover. What exactly did he say to “First hand“? Here we tell you.


Julio Preciado was very famous in Mexico and in the world thanks to his songs (Photo: Instagram)

In the interview exclusively given to “First hand”, The singer revealed that since January 13th to date he had had many health complications, the 2020 one of the most difficult years that he has had to live. He had to undergo a kidney transplant, He had pneumonia, a abscess in testicles and infected a serious disease.

Enduring the last stretch of 2020 that has been very hard from January 13 to date. It was difficult to endure 30 days lying in bed, after being healthy”, Said the singer. mentioning that he is looking forward to starting a new year so that he can overcome all his problems once and for all.

Unfortunately, in November 2020 got dengue fever. “The last thing that hit me was dengue in the month of November, but I didn’t want to publish it anymore because people are going to say that I’m salty and they won’t come or greet me anymore. I could not remove it in a normal way because dengue fever gives you a fever when it bites you, but for me it is not allowed due to my transplant”, Revealed Julio Preciado.

Julio Preciado has been positive in all this disease process (Photo: Instagram)

Julio Preciado has been positive in all this disease process (Photo: Instagram)

Normally, the illness presents a fever that lasts up to 7 days at most, but in the case of Valued he was not allowed to have such a high temperature because of his kidney transplant, so he had to be in bed for 30 days enduring the symptoms of evil that led him to think that he would die for her.

I did not want it to be made public and it was a difficult stage the last stage in which you start to deny God (..), if he had already suffered with the kidney and again in bed, but God sends his worst battles to his best Warriors”, Ended the anecdote with his good humor that characterizes him, moving on to the next song that also surprised his fans.

During all these months the singer has been able to cover his expenses thanks to the capital he has been saving since his successful years, but coming out of this latest illness meant a huge outlay for him and his family, so they are thinking of selling one of their properties in order to successfully reach the January and February:

Despite everything, Julio Preciado has always been positive (Photo: Instagram)

Despite everything, Julio Preciado has always been positive (Photo: Instagram)

I have not had to sell any of my properties, but we are about to sell one because it is to remedy the ills, it is to be able to get ahead the month of January and February. After this illness I cannot say that I can die in peace because I no longer have the capital that I had before and I do not know how we have done it, but we have moved on”.

Despite everything, throughout the interview Julio Preciado He was very positive, energetic and willing to continue battling any illness that came his way. His followers are grateful that, despite having been hospitalized for a few months and ill with other illnesses, he has not caught the coronavirus.

Julio Preciado overcame several diseases this year (Photo: First Hand)

Julio Preciado overcame several diseases this year (Photo: First Hand)


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