Junior Ulysse liquid Mathieu Germain

Quebecer Junior Ulysse won by K.-O. technical during the seventh round in front of his compatriot Mathieu Germain, Saturday evening, during the second fight of the “Carré d’As” tournament, in Rimouski.

Ulysses thus gets his hands on the WBC Francophone and NABF super-light titles.

Ulysses (19-2-0, 10 K-O) was in control of the action for most of the fight. Germain, usually a very active boxer, has spent a lot of time on his heels trying to decode an opponent more talented than himself. It was in the seventh round that Ulysses really hurt Germain by sending him down with a solid right. Germain got up, but began to suffer again until the fight was over.

This is a second setback in three fights for Germain (18-2-1, 8 KOs), who also lost in September 2019 to Uriel Perez. Ulysses, meanwhile, suffered defeat in his most recent stint in the ring last December.

In the first fight of the tournament, David Théroux bowed by abandonment ahead of Albertan Steve Claggett, just before the Ulysse-Germain shock.

The final of the tournament will therefore pit Claggett and Odysseus against each other. This will be the third confrontation between the two men, who have separated the honors of the first two.

Here’s a summary of the action, round by round.

1er round:

Boxers don’t study a lot: they get to know each other and get down to business immediately. Ulysses controls the ring. He’s intimidating and sets his pace, holds his hands low. Germain does not let it be imposed, but his rival has the advantage.

2e round:

Ulysses picks up where he left off. Keep the center of the ring. Germain’s trainer Mike Moffa invites his colt to use his right hook. No blow of power is however really carried on either side. Germain becomes more active, but Ulysses keeps the distance and the advantage. He is content to win the round, not to overdo it.

3e round:

Once again, Ulysses is well planted in the center of the ring. Germain attempts body attacks, without much success. A psychological contest seems to settle little by little between the two rivals. Once again, neither of the two belligerents is hit hard during this round.

4e round:

Germain remains timid, it’s not his habit. Ulysses continues to keep the center of the ring. Is finally brought in a corner by Germain halfway in the round, without much effect. Germain opens the machine at the end of the round. Ulysses comes back in force in the last seconds. No one is hit solidly, again.

5e round:

Germain becomes more active, but Ulysses is not disturbed. Germain physically charges his opponent, without much effect, besides noting that it is not love between the two. The rounds follow each other and look, on the whole, so far.

6e round:

Ulysses takes back the center of the ring, does not seem in any way intimidated. Germain has no answer and is constantly on his heels. Ulysses goes more on the attack around the second minute. Odysseus accidentally falls to the ground, but gets up athletically. Ulysses has fun, smiles. Germain responds with a charge that hits the target, but nevertheless ends the round in the cables.

7e round:

Germain starts off with a bang. But Ulysses places an uppercut between his arms. Germain is hit solidly in the mid-round. A few seconds later, he is on the ground. But he gets up. Ulysses obviously starts again. Germain stays in front of him, stumbles a little later. It continues with 25 seconds to go … then the fight ends. Abandonment.


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