Justin Bieber: his new single ‘Holy’ arrives this Friday!

To wish Chrissy Teigen and John Legend a happy wedding anniversary, Kelly Clarkson made it big.

The ‘All of Me’ model and performer recently celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary and their friend Kelly decided to send them a giant pizza to mark the occasion and make sure they don’t die of hunger on this special day.

Chrissy shared a video on her social media showing her opening this unexpected gift, admitting that she didn’t expect the big box to really contain anything.

In the clip, we can hear him say, “Oh my god, I thought it would be a fake pizza but it’s a real one!”

It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I love you! Thank you so much!”

In the caption of this video, Chrissy wrote: “Oh my god. @Kellyclarkson I’m screaming your name like steve carell I’m dying !!”

Kelly then shared the video on her own social media, admitting that she also sent a bottle of wine to accompany this elephantine pizza.

She wrote: “Happy birthday. I also sent wine.”

For her part, Kelly is unfortunately not as fulfilled in love since she recently announced that she had asked for a divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock.

However, the ‘Breakaway’ singer insisted she was trying to stay positive during this painful process.

She shared, “Sometimes I think ‘Oh my god I can’t believe what’s going on, this isn’t what I wanted. But I’m happy and I’m fine, and my kids are fine. We’re starting to get better so everything is fine. “

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