Juventus transfer market, 11 players can start: 232 million treasure!

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Juventus transfer market – The Juventus management seems to have clear ideas: we start again from some fixed points, but 11 players are expendable

Juventus transfer market, 11 expendable: disposals of approximately 232 million

LATEST NEWS MARKET JUVE – The ninth consecutive Scudetto has brought a few certainties from which the next season will start, but also some unknowns and problems to be solved. The various CR7s, Dybala and De Ligt represent the Juventus present and future, while many others could also say goodbye to Juventus during the next transfer market. Indeed, they are given as possible starters 11 players, whose transfers could guarantee the Old Lady a conspicuous one treasury of around 232 million to be reinvested in the next incoming market. Pjanic was only the first great sacrifice, but he won’t be the only one. Without wasting any more time then, here is the list of 11 Juventus players at risk of sale >>> GO TO THE LIST

Juventus transfer market, clean sweep: eleven possible transfers.


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