“KA-BOOM” mode is coming with the March update

KRAFTON released their March update for NEW STATE MOBILEthe famous battle royale on iOS et Android.

The March update of NEW STATE MOBILE introduced and KA-BOOM modea grenade launcher-centric deadly round-robin experience, as well as LAGNA card improvements, a new sawed-off shotgun, the Survivor PassAnd much more.


KA-BOOM mode is a round-robin deathmatch experience on the ARENA map, featuring grenade launchers and throwables, with friendly fire disabled for grenade damage. The mode introduces the powerful “Red Zone Launcher” (more powerful than standard grenade launchers) and destructible terrain, except for starting points and key areas. Falling into destroyed terrain results in instant death, so players must carefully navigate this explosive environment to survive.

LAGNA Map Improvements

Improvements to the LAGNA cardbased on player feedback and data, include a guaranteed spawn of the Mesta big car for fast leaks, increased chances for multi-care bundles to drop custom kits and Flare Gunsa slightly higher overall item spawn rate, as well as an adjustment to the timing of the first phase of the Blue Zone for more loot opportunities in the early game.

Survivor Pass Vol. 17

The Survivor Pass Vol. 17 stage Maria Gayle, of the Mayhem faction. By completing the story missions, she gets a free skin, while the Premium Pass unlocks her costume set. New « Legacy Pass » allows players to access the content of Previous Premium Passes.

New Weapon: 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun

New 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun deals powerful damage at close range, perfect for surprising snipers from LAGNA. Custom kit users can attach a barrel tip that reduces bullet scatter for more accuracy.

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