Kalash Criminal and Maes towards a clash?

The two rappers disagree.

Kalash Criminel and Maes already had disagreements during the controversy over Sevran’s mixtape in which Kaaris was not invited. The hooded rapper offered to bring K2A on the tracklisting while Maes and Da Uzi were against. This first hitch has apparently left traces since this time again the two Sevranais have just hooked up on social networks.

As the release of his album approaches, Kalash Criminel spoke at length to our colleagues from Rapelite. In the interview, he has this reflection.

I understand why guys like Nekfeu, Damso or Jul, even BigFlo & Oli are so successful. Because humanly they are already endearing guys, you have to love them even if you don’t like music. “

Special mention for Jul on the side of the hooded rapper who also tells this anecdote:

“I sent him the production on Sunday, Monday he had already put everything down, he even sent me 3 looped sounds.”

He also explained why he felt this way.

“I find them true. In the streets, we mix everything up. For people, to be true is to take ten years in prison and sell coke. That’s not that to be true, he makes it be true with oneself- even.”

He then insists on the example of BigFlo and Oli.

“Them, they rap with what they’re really going through, they’re not guys who invent lives like everyone else. I prefer to listen to BigFlo and Oli because I know that when they rap, they don’t lie. Because there are guys I listen to, we know them very well, we know their team, we know it’s wrong. “

It seems Maes felt targeted because he reacted quickly through a post in an Instagram story in which he said:

“Message to rappers, don’t confuse real life with your character. Your character is fictional. In real life, it comes downstairs from your parents to slap you when you want to leave the label that brought you up. Morale: don’t forget your past. “


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