Kalina Ocktaranny withstands tears asking for blessing from her father

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Cancellation of the host’s wedding Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny because collided with the completeness of the file.

This is because Kalina’s file has not been signed by her father as the guardian of marriage.

Kalina admits that she has tried to contact her father, but has not been ignored.

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Through the Kitchen Talk Online YouTube channel, while holding back tears, Kalina apologized if there was a mistake she had ever made.

Only blessings are now expected by Kalina.

“For example, if Rani has something wrong with papa, what are the sins, Rani is very sorry,” said Kalina quoted by Kompas.com, Saturday (20/2/2021).

“If daddy watches, Rani only asks for his blessing. Rani begs Rani’s blessing, ”he added.

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Kalina said that she just wanted to be happy with the man of her choice, namely Vicky Prasetyo.

“This time, Rani wants to be happy with Rani’s choice. She wants to live a life devoted to life with Rani’s husband. Tired of all the problems that exist, “said Kalina.

As is known, Kalina and Vicky’s marriage which was supposed to be held on February 21, 2021, was canceled.


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