Kaolack Campus students demand increased budget for USSEIN

Kaolack, June 14 (APS) – Students at the Kaolack (center) campus of the University of Sine Saloum El Hadj Ibrahima Niass (USSEIN) on Monday observed a movement of mood to demand an increase in the budget of their university and the construction of infrastructure, noted the APS.

“We are in a mood swing because issues persist at Kaolack, Kaffrine and Fatick’s USSEIN. And, the key problems concern the increase in our budget and the construction of the premises of the USSEIN campus Kaolack, “ explained to the press the president of the student association.

Everything works on a budget. And, if the budget is in deficit, all of the things that must follow will not be there. At USSEIN, we don’t practice. We need an increase in our budget so that we can deal with certain problems, ” said Ibrahima Ndiaye.

“We want our university to be built immediately. In Kaffrine and Fatick, work on the USSEIN premises has started. But, in Kaolack, the laying of the first stone has been done since 2015 and we haven’t seen anything, ” added Ndiaye.

According to him, “we cannot welcome three promotions to USSEIN without being in suitable conditions”.

” We are in temporary premises and the state refuses to increase our budget. If we have our premises, all these problems encountered will disappear, ” said the president of the friendly.

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