Karikin water is best for reducing stress: Madhuri Dixit | CoconutWater helps to relieve stress

Madhuri Dixit says that including karikin water in the diet every day can help reduce stress, brighten the skin and keep it healthy.

Containing all of the antioxidants and minerals, this water is one that even doctors recommend to cure many ailments quickly and avoid many ailments. Drinking Karikin water for seven consecutive days will help in making many healthy changes in the body. Seven days of charcoal water treatment is possible to increase the radiance of the skin to the cleansing of the internal organs.

Karikin water to reduce the weight of the mind
Reduce stress – Drinking caraway water or coconut water in the morning will help in getting a lot of electrolytes inside. This will restore the vitality of the body. This will reduce the burden on the mind and make it feel more effortless.

Boosts Immunity – Karikin water helps in destroying the germs in the body after diseases like gum disease and typhoid.

Lose weight – Avoid digestive problems. The fiber contained in charcoal water also helps in weight loss. Karikin water helps in proper appetite and elimination of unwanted fat. Karikin water is also good for faster absorption of good elements in the diet.

Consumption of 40-50 ml of karikin water helps in digestion and other things while drinking up to one cup helps in increasing the radiance of the skin along with the above mentioned benefits. Karikin water is ideal for gaining the benefits of exercise quickly and boosting the immune system in pregnant women.

English Summary : CoconutWater helps to relieve stress, keeps skin glowing and healthy.


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