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New Delhi: It is reported that Home Minister Amit Shah has accelerated the move for strict measures after the Popular Front of India activists took active part in the nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. When intelligence agencies reported that an attempt was being made to unleash violence in various states by hiding the protests, the Home Department tightened its stance.

The states of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat have recommended to the Center to ban PFI. Then, with the help of various central agencies, with precise planning, the measures including lightning speed raids were coordinated in various states under the supervision of Amit Shah.

After the anti-CAA protests, Amit Shah had regularly convened meetings of NIA, ED and intelligence agencies to assess the situation. The national media reports that the agencies started targeting leaders across the country after collecting concrete evidence, including PFI’s links with global terrorist organizations.

The notification to ban the organization was issued after lightning raids were carried out, including in Kerala, the stronghold of PFI, and the leaders were arrested en masse and jailed. The central notification pointed out that if PFI is not banned now, it will engage in more illegal activities that will subvert the constitutional system of the country.

The central government has declared the Popular Front of India (PFI) and 8 affiliated organizations illegal for 5 years. The action is under Section 3 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs states that if the Popular Front, which is linked to international terrorist organizations including IS, is not banned immediately, it will threaten national security and integrity and there will be an attempt to impose a regime based on terrorism in the country.

In 2010, when there was a case of hand amputation in Kerala, there was a demand to ban the organization. But the central government has adopted the approach that it is sufficient to proceed with the ban only after gathering strong evidence in anticipation of legal action.

English Summary: UP, Karnataka and Gujarat pushed for PFI ban, Amit Shah led the crackdown

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