Keep an eye on 2 young men, ‘Phum-Oat’, turn the script, cut sharp, fight it out in ‘Truth in the Community of Thieves (Tiger Sang Fah 3)’

Monday 28 November 2022, 6:00 a.m.

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The story is intense and arrived at an important turning point ever for the action drama “The truth in the thieves community (Tiger Sang Fah 3)” in which the 2 characters that are being watched are Police Capt. Kokiat, played by Phum Kiatphoom Banlue Chairit and Lt. Lt. Natee, played by Oat-Chakrit Bunsing, in this work, 2 young men open their hearts about working in this drama. Everyone said in the same voice that apart from their full intentions also received a good acting experience from working on this full story, Phum said

“I’m very happy for the response from the start of the drama. Now the drama is getting more and more intense. My character in the story is a young, energetic cop who wants to change everything to make things right. because our hearts are based on justice. with the given chapter Homework is very hard too because we have completely changed our way of thinking. Including being very physically fit because in the story we fight quite hard Which this story is full of action, the picture we sculpt very hard for the fight queue, the picture that comes out will be very beautiful. With Pee Oat, it’s heavy, so I want you to watch it because after this you will see more and more clear changes. What will I change? I want you to follow.”

On the Oat side, open your mind that “The story is now very intense. It is considered another drama that I have developed a lot of performances with the character of the character, when he has to turn around all the time. Last week, there were some spoilers about the changes that will happen to this character. which I want everyone to follow very much For working with the actors, everyone is very happy and fun. Like Phum, we will always be together and say that it is very fierce, and with the action that we have to use in the story, there will be judo gestures mixed in. Phoom and I wanted to play by ourselves, so we had to practice together all the time. I mean, we both think the same thing. I want the picture to come out the best, the most realistic, which is all we can do. Get both skills in the matter of fighting techniques and still get beautiful pictures come to the audience as well and in the senior actors section like Pee Kelly (Kelly Thanapat) is very cute. will teach you about techniques Both the action and the emotions as well for Louise (Amarin Simaroj), who is my father in the story, said that I was very shocked. After working with his brother Normally, P’Louis is a person who is very polite, speaks very well, is calm and smiles, but when he enters the scene in the scene, he must scold me, which when he releases something, I’m startled. I really want to thank everyone. following They have been supporting each other since the broadcast. Until today, our rating has risen to 5.3 and come to follow and win together. ” Follow to watch the drama “Truth in Chum Thieves (Tiger Sang Fah 3)” every Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 7HD, press 35 and Facebook Live: Ch7HD or watch it backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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