Keiko Fujimori: two businessmen cited in the case of money laundering against the leader of Fuerza Popular would be beneficiaries of the technopor law | Politics

According to information published in 2019 in La República, In that year, prosecutor José Domingo Pérez cited a long list of members and former members of the Fujimori leadership, as well as national and foreign businessmen who appeared as contributors to the Fuerza 2011 political party. (Now Popular Force). The purpose of the interrogations was to determine the authenticity, origin and purpose of the funds contributed, within the framework of the investigation into the laundering of contributions to finance the electoral campaign of Keiko Fujimori in 2011.

Keiko Fujimori faces an investigation for money laundering due to contributions to her 2016 presidential campaign. Photo: broadcast

Among the long list of names stand out Ricardo Antonio Echegaray Llerena and Ricardo Javier Antonio Vallejos Miranda, two businessmen linked to the technopor industry, who would be directly affected if the ban on packaging of this expanded polystyrene material is not delayed until 2023.

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Contributions to Fuerza 2011

In a report prepared by the portal Salud con Lupa it is detailed that Rithistle Antonio Echegaray Llerena contributed more than 15,000 soles to the Fujimori party, delivering the money in two parts: first he deposited 14,766 soles on May 18, and five days later 275.60 soles. These contributions appear on the public portal of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE).

Two businessmen cited for money laundering case against Keiko Fujimori would be beneficiaries of the technopor law

For its part, Javier Antonio Vallejos Miranda also appears as a contributor, having delivered to the party of Keiko Fujimori 15,047 soles on May 17, 2011. For these contributions, both were summoned by the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez to give their testimonies at the end of 2018.

Ricardo Antonio Echegaray Llerena contributed more than 15 thousand soles to the Fujimori party. Source: Salud con Lupa

Ricardo Echegaray Llerena is an entrepreneur linked to the technopor business and is the general manager of Peruana de Moldeados SAC (Pamolsa) since 2017, one of the leading companies in this industry in the country. He also holds the position of vice president of the Plastics Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI) for the period 2021-2023.

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Secondly, Javier Vallejos Miranda placeholder image He is listed as one of the attorneys-in-fact of Pamolsa, a company of the Carvajal Empaques group, with more than two decades in the business. Its brands include Fiesta and Vaso TK, whose products are sold in wineries, markets and supermarkets throughout the country.

Popular force against the prohibition of technopor

After having received financing from businessmen linked to this industry, the Fujimori bank has remained pending the regulation of the commercialization of single-use plastics and technopor. In November 2018, they opposed as a bloc to debate the bill that establishes restrictions for its use in the country.. 61 parliamentarians from Popular Force they refused to debate the rule.

Two businessmen cited for money laundering case against Keiko Fujimori would be beneficiaries of the technopor law

Three months after the entry into force of Law 30884, which provides for the progressive replacement of non-reusable bags with reusable ones in supermarkets, markets or warehouses, the congressman from Fuerza Popular Jorge Morante On October 6, he presented a bill that aims to delay the entry into force of the measure for two years..

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The objective is to contribute to the economic reactivation of micro- and small merchants and users. These containers are in greater demand, with the ‘new normal’, for home delivery of food. In addition, the industry in Peru is only capable of replacing 20% ​​of the products that would be prohibited, ”the legislator told La República.

The project of Jorge Morante has the support of his bench, being backed by his bench colleagues Hernando Guerra Garcia, Vivian Olivos, Cesar Revilla, Jeny López and Rosángella Barbarán. The initiative still does not have a date to be reviewed by the Production Commission of Congress.

Two businessmen cited for money laundering case against Keiko Fujimori would be beneficiaries of the technopor law

Ombudsman’s Office asks Congress not to delay the ban on technopor containers

The Ombudsman’s Office was against the draft law of the congressman of Fuerza Popular, Jorge Morante, which proposes an extension for two years, until 2023, so that the prohibition for the manufacture, commercialization and use of technopor containers, scheduled to start from December 2021, comes into effect.

The autonomous constitutional body of the State exhorted the Congress of the Republic not to accept the request. “Before a bill that seeks to extend the term that prohibits the manufacture and other containers of technopor for food and beverages, we insist that the Congress of the Republic not back down in the fight against plastic pollution that threatens humanity,” he published in his twitter account.

Twitter of the Ombudsman’s Office


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