Kena: Bridge of Spirits, price, lifespan, linearity, advantages of the PS5, lots of info and images thanks to Game Informer

If it was not necessarily the most technical game of the conference The Future of Video Games of the PS5, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and its retro action-adventure game charm have intrigued more than one player. It is therefore with interest that we welcome a 14-page dossier in the last Game Informer, part of which has just been published online on the magazine’s website. Ember Lab in particular played the game of questions and answers to teach us much more about the game and its universe.

He will therefore tell us the story of Kena (pronounce “KAY-nuh”), a spiritual guide who has the gift of bringing spirits to a peaceful end. People with unresolved problems on the earth’s surface of this anonymous, oriental-inspired planet are indeed causing trouble to the living, and Kena must help them put an end to their evils to reach the hereafter. As in Ghost Whisperer, basically.

On her way, she will also cross and collect the Rot, cute creatures who rot nature in spite of themselves, and who will be able to help him explore his universe. They can, for example, temporarily restore a bridge, distract our opponents or inject energy into our attacks, but not fight directly. That is the role of our heroine, endowed with standard, heavy and charged attacks, and able to create an energy shield to defend herself or to stun her enemies to better beat them. The difficulty will be configurable and expect a real challenge in the highest configuration, but the studio still wants to do “A game that families can enjoy together”.

Ember Lab, who is known to have achieved a fan film Majora’s Mask, do not hide its inspiration from The Legend of Zelda in 3D, but the title will not be in the open world. We will act since a village serving as a hub to visit different connected regions, but their exploration is rather linear, with all the same secrets and hidden nooks along the way. There will be no microtransaction for this single player game, nor aesthetic customization, except for hats to be purchased for gems for them. Rot. On the lifespan side, nothing specific for the moment, but the developers plan an adventure that can “comfortably end in a weekend”. The price will be affected, and will not be $ 60 / € 69. And as expected, l’upgrade next-gen from PS4 to PS5 will be free.

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For the technical side, Ball will be voiced by an actress not yet known, but who will also be a singer on several pieces of theOST. A way Photo is under review, but nothing is confirmed at this time. And the game is developed under Unreal Engine 4, but that we already knew.

Last point, and not the least: Ember Lab explained the specifics of the PS5 version, which Game Informer on the occasion of a demo. The most striking will be the fact thata hundred of Rot can be collected, and the entirety will potentially appear on screen on PS5. On PS4 this will not be the case, but that will not detract from the effectiveness of our support creatures during combat or while exploring. Better, the launch of a game from the main screen can be done in 2 seconds thanks to the fast loading times of the next-gen.

“They’ve got everything set up where you can transition quickly, and it’s very nice, but frankly, there’s not even time to play the animation. The game loads so fast, ”says Josh Grier, COO at Ember Lab. “We’ve been in development on PS4 for most of the project, and pushing it and getting the performance we wanted out of it was a nightmare. But after doing all that, when we turned to PS5, it was cool, because we had a good baseline and then we could just add whatever we wanted and enjoy the extra juice. “

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Graphically, expect more aesthetic details like more flowery foliage on PS5. And the DualSense will obviously be involved, with adaptive triggers for archery for example, or haptic feedback making us feel the energy of Rot in the palms. Kena: Bridge of Spirits doesn’t yet have a release date, but it’s slated for “in a few months” on PS5 (console available soon for pre-order on Amazon), PS4 et PC via l’Epic Games Store.

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