Kevin Bacon takes over Radiohead’s Creep surrounded by baby goats

Kevin Bacon is our star of the day!

Did you know the movie star Footloose could sing very well?

The actor sat in front of the camera last night and resumed the success with flying colors Creep of Radiohead. In addition to impressing with his lovely voice and his talent as a guitarist, Kevin Bacon made us smile: throughout the video he is surrounded by baby goats who seem to love his performance!
One of them even sits next to him, and chews his shirt sleeve unrestrainedly while he plays!

here is video why cover of Creep by Kevin Bacon, which quickly went viral:

At the start of the video, the 62-year-old actor says, “ the goats wanted him to play this song, and it’s not very appropriate but still they insisted » !

On ace!

On the same topic, Damien Robitaille has followed his series of solo covers, today on Twitter. He gave us a version as refined as it is exploded Africa of This :

On adore!

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