Kevon Looney and the Warriors, the great adventure continues

In the opening hours of Free Agency 2022, the Warriors lost several key members in their quest for a fourth title in recent weeks. But one of Steve Kerr’s best soldiers has chosen to re-enlist: Kevon Looney and Golden State, it continues!

Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr. and even Nemanja Bjelica, all these guys have just packed their bags to join Portland, Toronto and Fenerbahce respectively. Losses far from trivial (to which we can add that of Juan-Toscano Anderson), especially since the Kevon Looney file also remained pending. Until Friday night, when Warriors fans learned the happy news via Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN : the 26-year-old pivot has therefore decided to extend the adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area for an amount of $25.5 million over three seasons. Looney thus lands a nice little increase since his previous contract with the Dubs had a base salary of around five million dollars, compared to 8.5 today. We want to say that it is deserved since the Warriors would surely not be NBA champions in 2022 without the valuable contribution of Kevon in the Playoffs. Does the sentence shock you knowing that we are talking about a player turning “only” 6 points and 7 rebounds? Yet it is the real truth as we say at home. Looney’s importance doesn’t show in the stats, it shows in all those little things he does to help his team win: rebounding, defending, positioning, intensity, durability, and even finishing.

In the jargon, we speak of “soldier”. There have been quite a few throughout the Warriors dynasty, symbolized by the slogan “Strength in Numbers”, and Looney is clearly one of them. At Golden State since 2015, when he was drafted 30th overall by the Dubs, Kevon started out in the G League until becoming an almost indispensable member of Steve Kerr’s Warriors. A great story for a shadow taffeur that any team would like to have in its workforce. And in the quest for back-to-back next season, Looney will necessarily have a role to play. He may also have a role to play in the development of James Wiseman, who will return from injury. The youngster playing on position 5 – selected as number 2 during the 2020 Draft – certainly has radically different qualities from Looney, but the latter represents the best source of learning to hope to be very effective in the Golden State collective. So for all those reasons, the Warriors just didn’t want to let friend Kevon get away.

Kevon Looney is made to play at Golden State. And the Warriors wouldn’t be the same without him. This deal is a bit of a win-win, and we’ll remember it in a few months when Golden State wins an important playoff game thanks to a 22-rebound perf from Kevon.

Source texte : ESPN

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