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There are many mental excuses that we make when we try to improve our lifestyle. Many people decide in December to start exercising and living in a healthier way, they start doing it in January and find some justification not to continue in February, so people give up on their goals.

“Starting to play sports is a change that costs a lot and we will always find a pretext for not fulfilling that good purpose, to postpone this appointment with our health, but there are no valid excuses!”, Says Spanish sports coach Cesc Escolà.

The excuses are “traps that we put on ourselves to not get out of the loop of the sofa, because the less exercise you do, the weaker you feel and the less you want to move”, points out in his book ‘Much more than fitness’, where he describes two-week routines to get in shape, motivational keys to comply with them and nutritional guidelines to support them.

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Starting to play sports is a change that costs a lot and we will always find a pretext for not fulfilling that good purpose

Escolà, born in Barcelona, ​​studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, is a Physical Conditioning teacher and trained in 2020 the contestants of ‘Operación Triunfo’ (a musical television program), during the pandemic he has directed daily trainings in a television program with a large audience in Spain.

The workouts that it raises are distinguished by mixing many disciplines (physical exercise, stretching, cardiovascular gymnastics, yoga and Pilates), are designed for all types of audiences and can be done at home by those who still do not dare to go to gyms due to the current situation.

“If you train, you will begin to notice palpable changes in your physique and your state of mind, which will push you and motivate you to keep going. Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give yourself ”, says this coach and explains below how to deactivate some of the most frequent excuses to exercise.

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  • Excuse # 1: I can’t!
    Escolà emphasizes that there are training systems designed so that each person adapts it to their physical capacity and needs and that, whatever the level of their physical condition, they can begin to notice changes from the first day to, little by little, evolve and feeling better. “You just have to take the first step!”, He emphasizes.
  • Excuse # 2: I have muscle aches!
    “After training you will have ‘soreness’ (muscle pain), especially if you haven’t practiced sports for a long time, but the ‘soreness’ is not bad: that pain indicates change, it tells you that you have done the training well and that your body has begun to improve ”, says Escolà, adding that“ the best remedy for this discomfort is… More exercise! ”.
  • Excuse # 3: Physical activity is boring
    “When you start exercising, you will regain mobility and you will be able to do things that you have not been able to do for a long time, such as walking long distances, dancing or playing sports, and the better you feel and the better you look, the less you want to eat badly,” he says. He explains that a well-designed workout “is a virtuous cycle: once you get in, everything feeds off and it’s very easy to maintain.”
  • Excuse # 4: I don’t have time
    “If you have time to watch an episode of a series that you started watching out of boredom, you have time to exercise. You can get up a little earlier in the morning and use that moment to move your body, or do it at noon, ”says Escolà. “If you look closely, it will take you little to find time to do what you like. Make physical exercise one of those activities. If you start, you won’t be able to do without exercising, ”he says.
  • Excuse # 5: I don’t have the necessary material
    “With confinement, we have discovered that you can exercise at home with whatever you have on hand: bottles and buckets full of water, towels, cushions, broomsticks,” says Escolà, adding: “You don’t need to spend money on clothes or in material. Everything you need is already at home, you just have to decide to use it and start training ”.
  • Excuse # 6: I’m discouraged or stressed
    “Healthy habits, diet and training routine ‘inoculate’ us against negative moods and behaviors, reducing the chances of us feeling discouraged, listless or stressed, helping us to get out of the ‘sofa loop’ and like ourselves more physically. ourselves ”, explains the coach.
  • Excuse # 7: I lack perseverance
    “To stay motivated, it is very important to want and propose a permanent change, instead of training for a specific case or short-term objective,” says Escolà. “Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is a long-distance race, in which you have to be consistent, advance step by step and be aware of how this change will affect over time. For example, to reach an advanced age in good condition ”, he emphasizes.
  • Excuse # 8: I’m demotivated if I’m alone
    “If we want to incorporate healthy habits into our lives, the assistance of a coach to help us set goals, follow our progress and reinforce our motivation is very convenient,” according to Escolà. “You can also train remotely through platforms like YouTube, where there are channels with very fun, dynamic classes adapted to different ages, which can even be practiced simultaneously with other people,” he concludes.

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