Kia: Outlook on new electric cars

Kia has presented designs of its upcoming electric cars and the beginning of the year The presented e-mobility strategy “Plan S” is confirmed. The South Korean manufacturer intends to take on a leading role in the future electric car market. To this end, a number of models designed exclusively for battery drives are to be introduced and the charging infrastructure is to be promoted together with partners.

Kia has had electric cars in its range for a long time; over 100,000 such vehicles have been sold since 2011, the company said. In the next few years there should be significantly more. “We are aiming for battery electric cars to account for 25 percent of our global sales by 2029,” said Kia President Ho Sung Song.

As part of the “Plan S” strategy, Kia’s range of battery-powered electric vehicles is to grow to eleven models by the middle of the decade. By then, electric cars should also account for 20 percent of the brand’s vehicle sales in individual markets – including Korea and North America as well as Europe. Kia has now provided a drawing of seven of the battery cars planned for this purpose by 2027.

The silhouette doesn’t reveal much, but it obviously shows mostly larger vehicles in the SUV / SUV crossover style. But compact or small cars can also be guessed at. Kia stated that a diversified portfolio for the city, long distance and particularly sporty driving is in the works. The first vehicle developed solely as an electric car will be unveiled next year. It will be a nicely designed quality product with high driving and charging performance.

The technical basis for Kia’s future electric cars is provided by the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) used together with its sister company Hyundai. In addition to a long range and the fastest charging capacity, the new architecture should also provide plenty of space in the interior. For the sale of its electric cars, Kia is examining new sales methods, such as subscription, battery leasing or rental offers as well as programs for the re-use of batteries that have been used in electric cars.

Kia emphasized that for the breakthrough of electric cars in the mass market, a further expansion of the charging infrastructure was necessary. The company wants to be active worldwide in this area, for example in Europe in cooperation with the dealer network over 2,400 charging stations are to be set up. In addition, Kia is striving for strategic partnerships such as the one with the operator of high-speed charging stations founded by German car manufacturers Ionity an.

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