Killing George Floyd in Minneapolis – McKennie with a message against police violence and racism – Bundesliga – soccer

The bandage with the inscription “Justice for George” McKennie only pulled over his left upper arm in the second half. When the players came out of the booths after the break, you could see McKennie plucking her left sleeve again and again, the message was still underneath at the time.

Only in the course of the second half in the Schalke game against Bremen did the set appear. This refers to the killing of George Floyd, who was killed in a police arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday. McKennie wrote on Twitter: “It feels good to be able to use my platform to raise awareness of a problem that has been going on for a long time. We have to stand up for what we believe in and I believe it is time for us to be heard!”

Protests in the United States

Floyd’s death is currently moving the United States. At the end of an arrest by four officers, a policeman kneels on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes. The man died as a result of this fixation. Floyd said, “I can’t breathe”. The policeman never let go of him.

Minneapolis and several other cities in the United States have been experiencing protests and riots for several days. Numerous US athletes were furious about the incident. They criticize the recurring violence and apparent racism against some blacks in the United States by police officers.

“Your violence has brought resistance”football player Colin Kaepernick tweeted. He had kneeled at several games played by his then San Francisco 49ers team in protest during the national anthem and was publicly criticized, particularly by President Donald Trump.

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