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“Kimberly” is very embarrassed to ask about marriage. Tell me some more time not next year

More beautiful until the ear is wrong. Until rumors that there will be good news or not for the young actress “Kimberly”, this work does not know whether the rumors are true or not. Journalists had the opportunity to talk So I asked the mic a little bit. Is there any good news?

The female protagonist said, “It’s fine during the covids. Really. It is considered to take care of yourself more too. reviewed life Personal matters, health issues, when in quarantine, I exercise quite a lot. But when I loosen the lockdown, I can go on some trips. One go, go a long way.”

As for the past trips, the sea is sweet? “Good. It’s a very happy trip. The sky is very rainy. It rarely rains. All hotels are very welcoming.”

People see them as lovers on the sea floor already?

“Really? (laughs) I don’t know where to go. I really like mountains too. But we haven’t been to the sea for a long time. And P-Mak wants to drive a car. and had never driven south, so he invited me to drive south. So we’re okay with it. (Are you embarrassed to see people like that?) I feel like Ariel (laughs) Actually, we travel to many places. Now go to Thailand first. because I haven’t had a chance to fly anywhere The sea is very beautiful We felt that it was a moment where no monsoon too I felt that the sea was beautiful and very clean.”

Is it a trip to celebrate the 8th anniversary?

“Yes, that’s what I intended.”

8 years ago, do we have a moment to think? That I have to propose for sure?

“If you ask me how I really feel, there are some flashes (laughs) and we didn’t even prepare pretty outfits. Wearing comfortable clothes to dinner, we think probably not. But on the other hand, it might be possible for a little while (smiles).”

a flashing feeling Was it before or during the trip?

“It’s a feeling on the trip. Because everything is good, the hotel is like a request (laughs). The hotel is very well organized. I feel that in Phangan When the trip is over That’s a very cute hotel. He also provided a seat for watching movies. Almost everything is provided by the hotel.”

If that day really happened How ready are we?

“That’s it. to feel is to feel a little But eh, it probably isn’t. (Did we ask him if we’d like to propose?) We tease (laughs).”

Mak said that there were many times. What he thought he wanted to do?

“Oh yes, I don’t know how to answer it (laughs). that someone will marry So everyone asked us. We haven’t said it yet.”

Was it braked before?

“I don’t know, I really don’t know (laughs), but I asked if I was ready. Kim said to give me a little more time. (Mak told me to ask for another 2 years?) Yes, start now, 2 years for us is not long. Now a year has passed very quickly.”

Have you started building a house yet?

“Not yet (laughs).”

Netizens posted pictures Said it was like going down the main pillar of the house?

“Oh (laughs) No, that’s just making merit. What did P’ Mak say that day (laughs) is if the house hasn’t yet. I’ll tell you later. Let’s go back and watch the clip first (laughs).”

If you’re ready, it’s 2 more years, right?

“Probably not like setting any goals, no matter how many years, Kim said that if it reached the period that we were like Let’s talk It must have been that time.”

Do you feel pressure when you go to the sea? It’s very sweet. but still not If the marriage proposal has to be bigger than this?

“Actually, it doesn’t have to be very big. Just take the feeling that the two of you are ready.”

Will there be another trip?

“No, right now. At first I was going abroad, going to Europe, but that has changed. because of the covid pandemic So we better back off.”

From the day you go, you have to be prepared. Do I have to be beautiful every day?

“No, we didn’t talk that much. (But Mak gave an interview that he was always ready to ask to marry?) He kept talking. (But we look shy?) He kept talking, calm down (laughs).”

Do we put pressure on it, but the cheerleaders want you to dress up?

“Honestly, no matter who you meet. Every day, there are questions every day.”

Have you talked to Yaya? Which couple will get married first?

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked to each other this time.”

Who said it looks auspicious, is this true?

“Not true (laughs) I haven’t watched the auspicious time yet. There is nothing that clear. If you feel that it is We should definitely tell.”

Summarize this year and next year, right?

“Not yet”


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