Kindergarten teacher makes heavy joke for TikTok video

The teacher was already fired. Photo: screenshot.


For win followers In their social networks, some people are capable of anything.

This time it is a kindergarten teacher which made a heavy joke on one of her students to increase her popularity on TikTok.

The video begins with the young woman, in the classroom, teaching the children a bottle of water and a coin. Then he explains that placing it below will create a ‘magical’ effect.

Do you want to see how magic is?, he asks one of the girls, who accepts with pleasure and emotion.

The moment she looks out, the teacher squeezes the bottle tightly so that the water splash the girl.

His classmates stay in silent and surprised, but then laugh with the teacher.

Upon becoming viral and receiving several complaints from parents, the Santa Fe Institute issued a statement to inform the woman It is no longer part of the teaching staff.

Similarly was denounced before the authorities.


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