Know 5 benefits of integrative medicine

Lima.- Integrative medicine, also known as functional or integral, in recent years has taken center stage, increasingly calling the attention of health professionals and their patients as a response in the search for the humanization of medical care.

It is important to bear in mind that physical illnesses directly affect people’s emotional and mental health and vice versa. Psychological complications can make the body sick, so integrative medicine promotes well-being and quality of life through treatments that balance the patient and increase their physical and mental health.

Dr. Víctor Ortuzar, director of Anandamida, the first integrative medicine medical center specialized in cannabinoid therapies in Peru, talks about some benefits and advantages of treatments with this comprehensive method.

Ensure your complete personalized attention

Because integrative medicine analyzes the complete picture that the patient presents and, not only the symptoms, the doctor manages to fully understand what is happening to him and what is the underlying problem. To do this, it analyzes the symptoms, mood, stress load, psychological problems and common habits of the patient.

Commitment to treatment

The combination of different methods and new treatments generates the empowerment of the patient, making him more aware and responsible about the role he plays in his health, sharing with the doctors the responsibility for the success of the treatment. This increases your motivation to follow medical advice and recommendations to the letter.

Improves quality of life

Integrative medicine seeks to align treatments with the patient’s lifestyle, so it is not something uncomfortable or difficult to assimilate. On the contrary, they contribute to the well-being of the person, generating tranquility and hope for a speedy improvement.

Reduced use of medications

One of the positive factors for health is the reduction of traditional medication, changing on many occasions for natural active principles, thus reducing the level of chemicals in the patient’s body and dependence is not generated.

Economic savings during treatment

As long as the patient is more aware and knows those habits that directly influence his health, he will not need to invest in new medicines, treatments, exams and even surgeries.

To learn more about integrative medicine and its benefits, you can visit the Anandamida clinic website and contact its medical team specialized in comprehensive health methods.

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