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KOH LANTA 2021. At the end of an episode 14 under tension, the orienteering test of Koh Lanta La Légende determined the three finalist candidates for the season. Also discover the ratings of Internet users.

[Mis à jour le 07 décembre 2021 à 23h20] The island of the banished is (finally?) Over in Koh Lanta La Légende. The last arena event took place this Tuesday in episode 14 ahead of the traditional orienteering race. Phil, Laurent, Claude and Jade thus learned that a fifth thief was going to join them in the orientation but before that the last banned still in the running, Alix, Sam and Ugo, had to decide. This is how Ugo added a sixth victory in the arena to his record, leaving absolutely no chance to his opponents, too late to catch up with him. Ugo’s journey in the show is exceptional: eliminated from the first council, he spent 15 days on the island of the banished and defeated his opponents five times in a row before returning to the main adventure at the time of reunification. . In danger, he won all the immunity tests except the last, which his opponents took advantage of to eliminate him. Returned to the island of the banished, he therefore won his sixth test in the arena and won the right to participate in the final with the orienteering test.

After the elimination of Alix and Sam, there are only five left to compete in the orientation test: Ugo, Claude, Laurent, Jade and finally Phil have a particularly difficult mission, to find three daggers carefully hidden on an island. There are therefore only three places on the posts and five finalists! Equipped with a simple map and three remarkable landmarks, the five candidates set off, both motivated and stressed. Despite the pressure imposed by Phil, Ugo manages to find the right path and the dagger symbolizing his one-way ticket to the posts. He came first in the race and therefore won the orientation, followed a few minutes later by Claude who had the best of Jade. Phil and Jade fall back on Laurent’s search area but it is the former Koh Lanta winner who manages to find the dagger! Here are our three finalists on the posts of Koh Lanta La Légende: Laurent, Claude and Ugo. Whoever arrives first in this event will have the opportunity to choose the one who will face him during the final jury next week during the last episode of Koh Lanta 2021!

Rate the candidates of Koh Lanta episode 14

Like every week, viewers voted live for their favorite candidate from episode 14 of Koh Lanta The Legend. It’s not too late to decide who wins your favor in this penultimate episode of the season. As a reminder, if you want to see the poll results, all you have to do is vote to see them appear. To your votes!

Cheats in Koh Lanta The Legend

Koh Lanta The Legend is gradually transformed into Koh Lanta: La Cheating. The all-stars season 2021, filmed at the start of the year in French Polynesia on the motus facing the island of Tahaa, keeps seeing information leaking out about cheating that occurred on the sidelines of the filming. First it was Teheiura who, questioned by the production, assumed in front of the camera that he had received food twice. The Parisian already specified, on the sidelines of the broadcast of episode 11 of Koh Lanta The Legend, that Teheiura would have shared this food (vegetables as well as a steak and fries) with Claude and Sam who did not express themselves on the question since. On Monday, December 6, the Ile-de-France newspaper published new revelations of cheating.

Based on information from Parisian, “four to five candidates” who will remain anonymous took advantage of the evenings of advice to make trips to the inhabitant on the island of Raiatea. There, they waited for the guards in charge of monitoring them to fall asleep “to join the Sunset Beach Motel”. The newspaper thus reveals that these candidates, not named, were accommodated in the inhabitants who would have fed them. “On the menu: salty, sweet and energy drinks galore. A ritual, every three days, for most of the five candidates.” Only one thing seems certain as revealed by Le Parisien, citing an employee of ALP, Ugo did not participate in these small homestay visits. “The real legend of this season is Ugo. He might have liked to be in the cheating stories, but no one proposed to him!”

Koh Lanta fans are necessarily wondering who these four to five candidates are who got entangled in this massive cheating affair. However, Le Parisien has chosen not to reveal the first names of the candidates concerned, contrary to its previous revelations about Teheiura, Claude and Sam. The Ile-de-France daily specifies having chosen not to mention their name because “in addition to the insults and the various threats “, which have become commonplace on the part of Internet users who are sometimes virulent towards the candidates, the participants involved” fear above all for their image, which they often pay dearly “.

Who are the candidates of Koh Lanta All Stars?

  • Clémence Castel, winner of Koh Lanta season 5 (2005) and of the Fight of the heroes (2018)
  • Coumba Baradj, Koh Lanta season 5 (2005), Shock of the heroes in 2010 and Revenge of the heroes (2012)
  • Jade Handi, winner Koh Lanta season 7 (2007), Koh Lanta The Return of the Heroes (2009)
  • Christelle Gauzet, winner of Koh Lanta season 8 (2008)
  • Karima Najjarine, Koh Lanta season 15 (2016)
  • Clémentine Jullien, finalist of Koh Lanta season 17 (2017), The Fight of the heroes (2018)
  • Cindy Poumeyrol, finalist of Koh Lanta season 20 (2019)
  • Alexandra Pornet, winner of Koh Lanta, The 4 lands (2020)
  • Alix Noblat, Koh Lanta season 21 (2020)
  • Patrick Merle, finalist of Koh Lanta season 9 (2009), Koh Lanta: Revenge of the heroes (2012)
  • Freddy Boucher, Koh Lanta season 9 (2009), finalist in the Clash of heroes (2010), The Heroes’ Revenge in 2012, The New Edition in 2014
  • Claude Dartois, finalist of Koh Lanta season 10 (2010) and of The Heroes’ Revenge (2012), The Island of Heroes (2020).
  • Laurent Maistret, Koh Lanta season 11 (2011), winner of Koh Lanta: The new edition (2014)
  • Teheiura Teahui, finalist of Koh Lanta season 11 (2011), The Heroes’ Revenge (2012), The New Edition (2014), The Island of Heroes (2020)
  • Ugo Lartiche, winner of Koh Lanta season 12 (2012)
  • Philippe Bizet, Koh Lanta season 12 (2012), The New Edition (2014)
  • Namadia, Koh Lanta season 12 (2012)
  • Maxime Berthon, Koh Lanta season 20 (2019)
  • Sam Haliti, Koh Lanta: Island of Heroes (2020)
  • Candice Boisson, Koh Lanta Treasure Island (2016) and Koh Lanta: The Heroes’ Fight (2018)
  • Sandro Gonzalez Schenan, Loïc Riowal and Béatrice Kaboré are reservists.

Who won Koh Lanta’s last season?

Broadcast on June 4, 2021, the Koh Lanta final: secret weapons decided between the three candidates still on the track to win the € 100,000 promised to the winner. Qualified during the orienteering event, Jonathan, Maxine and Lucie were opposed on the mythical posts of Koh Lanta. Maxine, who came first on the posts, chose to fish Lucie, who came second. The duo faced the final jury composed of Frédéric, Hervé, Mathieu, Shanice, Myriam, Vincent, Laëtitia, Thomas, Magali, Flavio, Arnaud, Laure and finally Jonathan, eliminated after the posts. With 9 votes in her favor, Maxine won and was crowned winner of Koh Lanta 2021.

Koh Lanta program sheet

Koh Lanta is an adventure game broadcast since 2001 on TF1. It was presented by Hubert Auriol for the first season. Since 2002, Denis Brogniart has been responsible for running the program. Several adventurers try to survive on a desert island until the final. In this survival and strategy entertainment, several events punctuate each episode, and one candidate is eliminated by the other participants, until only five remain. The latter then decide on two emblematic events: orientation and posts, before the final vote. Since its inception, the game has gone through many rule changes.

Broadcast and replay of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a TF1 program broadcast twice each year on the first channel: a first season is broadcast in spring, a second at the end of summer. Each episode is broadcast on Friday evening, and available on television but also live on the MyTF1 site via tablet, computer or smartphone. The program is available in replay the next day on the MyTF1 site for a period of 7 days. Note that the replays are put online on the Salto platform for an indefinite period, which allows the most determined fans to see or review the entire season.

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