Korean entertainment group firm refused to authorize NetEase Cloud Music to report to the central government-ePrice.HK mobile version

On July 24 this year, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation issued a penalty order. Since then, music platforms cannot require record companies to sign exclusive copyright agreements. Since then, many songs previously only provided by Tencent have begun to appear on platforms including NetEase Cloud Music. This policy was originally intended to reduce the monopoly of music platforms through exclusive licensing, but recently there have been incidents of music platforms complaining to record companies.

The source revealed to the Chinese media that NetEase Cloud Music Awards reported South Korea’s SM company to relevant state regulatory authorities, stating that the other party still refused to authorize music copyright to them after the country proposed new regulations, and used music copyright to maintain a “choose one” monopoly. state. South Korean SM company accused of violations by NetEase, its artists include BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, EXO, SHINee, f(x), Red Velvet, NCT, aespa and other well-known Korean artists. They have cooperated with Tencent since 2019. Music signed a contract to provide an exclusive license to the other party, allowing Tencent to collect the copyrights of the three major entertainment companies in South Korea.

Tencent issued a statement in August of this year, stating that it had given up the exclusive authorization of music copyright in accordance with national requirements and sent letters to relevant partners to terminate the contract. The problem is that China’s State Administration for Market Regulation requires music platforms not to force or require record companies and entertainment companies to provide exclusive licenses. Now entertainment companies are unwilling to grant licenses to NetEase Cloud Music. Whether they report to the relevant authorities is useful or not is still unknown. .



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